Know the significant tricks to treat your staff and keep them inspired

Employees are the backbone of any business. In general, what is good for employees is good for the establishment they are working for. Today’s businesses are more hospitable for their employees than it was two or three decades ago, or at least in those businesses that have high market capture or considered rich in modern standard. 

A study by an independent group found that people with high skills and experience are more prone to work for a company that treats them well. So, what makes some companies stand out than the rest when it comes to people’s choice? What are they providing that others don’t? Let us find out. 

Little things can go a long way

Free coffee, meals, paper towel and office supplies. Perks like these can go far and beyond in making and keeping your employees happy while helping them work their full potential. Cathy has worked as an accountant for a private firm as long as she can remember. 

She proudly points to free meals and transportation that her company offers to its employees. The workplace benefits have their opponents complaining of wasteful resources. However, most employees see such benefits as a necessity rather than splurging. 

A survey conducted by Power2Motivate Australia, one of the companies reported that most people feel more relaxed and happier when things are available at their workplace and most of them would recommend working for such companies to other people. 

Vacations Paid For By

Paid off vacation is a standard thing in many big companies; in others, it’s an option they are considering to accommodate. However, a short time off from work can make a huge difference in the lifestyle, productivity and contribution of a worker – and in fact a profound difference at that. 

Many companies that are considering this as an option should exercise it anyway in our opinion, for the success and long term growth. When you are willing to invest in your employees, you have put your money into the one thing that can last throughout the lifetime of the business. Jason who has spent an incredible amount of time making money running his own business, single-handedly, has one advice for all the entrepreneurs out there. 

He says, he has evaluated all the ways he has invested money – real estate, insurance and other assets. But one thing has always had an edge over others by an enormous percentage – himself. Taking a vacation with family from time to time has made him focus better on what he does on a daily basis. In essence, the way you invest in your employees can be a telling indication of how fast success will come knocking at your door. 

Venting Center

Although it is somewhat difficult to describe what a complaint centre should look like, many businesses now have a department where employees can report illegal activities, harassment, abuse and other disturbances at the workplace. Rose has spent the previous year agonizing over the rudeness of her manager in the HR department. 

None of the actions that followed – transfer to another area, counselling or change of shifts – helped her in any way. She was eventually able to find solace through employee group that her company set up. What we can infer from this story is that the results of having such a place to vent your frustrations and get issues resolved at the same time are enormous. 

Quite simply, a safe working environment always leads employees to do more for the company. When they are inspired and when they feel safe, they feel more creative, alive and energetic. Not only will they be able to accomplish more, but do so with greater ease.

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