Kids photography melbourne lifestyle portraits and others types of portrait photography

Portrait photography is meant to capture not just people, but their personalities. They go beyond smiles and makeup, as they are centered upon reality and showing nothing but raw truth. Following are a few classifications of portrait photography:

  • Traditional portraits

A simple portrait in which the subject just looks at a camera is called a traditional portrait. These photos are taken in a studio with the goal of making the subject look better. In most of these shots, the head and shoulders are taken while the rest of the body is cropped.

  • Lifestyle portraits

A lifestyle portrait is completely opposite to its traditional counterparts. They are portraits which capture people in their daily life and regular environment, which is why they are usually taken in family homes. The photographer gives direction to the people and takes multiple shots. The aim of such a genre is to showcase the real life of the subject. Interaction between family members is also captured for creating special memories.

  • Environmental portraits

This is widely considered to be a blend of lifestyle and traditional portrait photography. The environment is believed to be equally as important as the subject. Therefore, the location for such photography is usually scenic places with natural lighting. However, the photographer resorts to traditional ways of photography and recommends basic posing techniques to the subject. The necessary elements which need to work together in an environmental portrait are lighting, pose, background, and the subject.

  • Fine art photography

Fine art photographers Melbourne are usually the ones inspired by other artwork. Since fine art is something which hangs in a gallery and garners an audience, fine art photographers Melbourne is dedicated to creating art around such pieces. Some create photography based on Renaissance paintings, while others use innovation to make art with wardrobe, poses, and photo editing tools. This category of photography transcends surreal and conceptual portraits.

  • Kids photography

In this type of photography, kids are the subject. The aim of kids photography Melbourne is to provide insight into the childhood of the kid. The partnership of the photographer and the kid’s parent is crucial in this matter, as they must make sure that the baby is totally comfortable while being clicked.

  • Street and candid photography

Candid and street photography are completely unplanned. It is not important to only feature strangers in the photos. In this category, there are no directions or forethought provided by the photographer. Also, there is no set-up as the photographers take inspiration from the natural flow of society. The photos help in attaining a shade of the society which usually escapes the eye. Many people do not know that this genre has inspired many other genres in photography.

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