Instagram views what counts as a view on instagram videos

Are you wondering to know what the factors are that Instagram gives importance when it comes to counting Instagram views? Most of the Instagrammers want to know what counts as a view on the stories and Instagram videos. In this article, we will discuss, how the Instagram algorithm works while count the video views. Read on!

What Counts as a video View on Instagram?

When an Instagram user views a video on Instagram for three seconds or more than three seconds then you will get one video view. You can see who watch your video by clicking on the number of the Instagram video views that means these users watch your video more than 3 seconds. It also shows that the user took an interest in what you post on Instagram and get engaged with your visual content. On Instagram, user engagement has a lot of importance than a number of followers and post likes.

You will not get a video view when a user views your video for a second and scroll down. The reason is that users are not interested to watch your video. Some of the users also want to know that either Instagram counts a view when they play the video without sound or not. Instagram will count a video view when you play the video with no audio. The video view count rule is the same for the Instagram stories but the stories are user-initiated while the video is played automatically. It means that when a user watches your story for three seconds or more than three seconds then you will get a view count.

Does Instagram count multiple Views?

Most of the users want to know how Instagram counts multiple views as sometimes a person view the video more than once. But Instagram counts the multiple views from the same account as one because it doesn’t count loop videos.

It will count a view when a user views a video for 3 seconds or more than 3 seconds for one time only like you tap the fav button to like the post on Instagram. But if you like two times or more, this post will get only one like.

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Does View your own video Count as an Instagram View?

It’s good you asked as it is a simple yet tricky question either Instagram will credit you a view count or not when you view your own video? The answer is yes when you view your own video then you will get an Instagram view. But you should view your posted video for three seconds or more than three seconds. Subsequently, you will get one video view by viewing your own video on your profile.

But if you wouldn’t watch the video for three seconds, Instagram will not credit you one more video count. You can increase your video views by sending your video to your loyal followers by direct message. Moreover, you can share it on other social profiles.

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