India travel guide the best way to plan your holiday

Painted with the colors of diversity, India is the active motherland which governs South Asia. We all know what a standard vacation in India would be like, but sometimes it’s beneficial to leave the obvious and enjoy.

The moment you select the idea of immersing yourself in culture and traditions is actually when you have experienced India. To feel unexplored and have a pleasant time, follow this guide.

Best Time to Visit India

India undergoes various climatic conditions in different regions. The country attracts an enormous number of tourists all over the year. During the winter months, people can experience snow-adventures in the snow-clad regions of North India (Himalayas) while the beaches of south India charm water-sports practitioners.

There are some areas that get heavy rainfall through the year which is Meghalaya and there are some regions that monsoon is common all year round which is Goa. Thus, plan a visit accordingly.

Decide Where You Want to Visit

Deciding where to visit in India is reasonably the one item that causes people the most difficulties and indecision. India is so vast and diverse, it’s really challenging to decide where to tour, especially if you’ve got time limitations.

Thus, research can help you out. A useful guide book will provide you with information about each area, as well as recommendations about what to see and do. Most people fly into Delhi and travel to Rajasthan, especially the iconic Golden Triangle.

You should include Varanasi with the triangle. India is full of tourist places so you have to plan your destinations accordingly. Browse online to get more and more pieces of information about a place and try to compare them. After the comparison, you can plan your desired destinations.

Decide if You Want to Hire a Car and Driver


If you really want to travel according to your wish then, a popular way of getting around in the country is to hire a car and driver. Self-drive rental cars are almost unusual, due to the poor condition of roads and the regular disregard for road rules in India.

Although having a driver will be helpful as he will know the local language too. Getting rented cars from trusted and reviewed travel agencies would be a good choice.

Arrange Trains and Flights

Many people do not make advance reservations for transport in India, as they don’t like to be constrained by a fixed plan. However, the number of travelers on Indian Railways increases with every passing year. Some trains can fill up months in advance on busy routes. You can choose Luxury train Maharajas Express to Explore India, here you can check available the maharajas express departure dates for booking.

Thus, making early reservations is a must. There is a special quota for foreign tourists but it’s not available on all trains. Advance bookings for flights aren’t as significant as for trains. Although, many airlines do suggest discounts for 14 or 21 day advance ticket booking.

Book Accommodations

While it can be possible to get excellent deals on hotels by walking in and adjusting the rate in many places, it’s a reliable idea to book your services in advance for major cities. International flights often arrive at night and it’s easy to feel disorientated in an unknown place. Do you know Maharajas Express have restaurants and cabins also, where you can rest and enjoy delicious food onboard the maharajas express cabins.

If you’re visiting India for the first time, home stays are suggested as you’ll be able to benefit from the host’s local knowledge, get to eat home cooked food, and experience local culture.

In other words, you’ll be well looked after and have a soft landing! Nowadays, India has some wonderful world-class backpacker hostels all over the country, which make it easier for travelers to meet other people.

Familiarize Yourself with India’s Culture

If you’re visiting India for the first time, you’re possibly feeling a bit worried, not knowing what to expect. The risk of cultural shock can be overwhelming to a certain extent. Thus, research on India while watching documentaries and other details about the country.

Decide What to Pack

When packing for India, it’s important to take into account the country’s conservative cloth standards in certain religious places. Some tourists pack light clothes and instead, buy what they require from there only.

Others choose to bring as much as possible with them from home. Suit yourself and pack accordingly. Some other things to consider are baggage to take, dresses, shoes, medicine, special care items, money and other helpful items such as plug adapters, flashlights, and padlocks.

Also, remember that ATMs are broadly available in India and credit cards are generally accepted in major cities.


You will find various new things in the land of diversity, and you will be able to open up your mind to more extent. It will be a great experience to tour India. After the first visit to India, if you want to travel to India again then, you will surely be an expert in the planning.

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