India could be the next fantasy sports destination

Think about the 2011 World Cup. India played the final and won. Billions of hearts were beating with ecstasy that evening. That was a World Cup before internet penetrated in the Indian market. The TV was the most preferred source of cricket. Fast forward to 2019 and the Internet has taken all over the place. Now, people watch cricket on their smartphone. With such huge penetration, the internet has brought people closer to cricket. They can follow the action live anywhere today. This, closeness has made fantasy sports a big reality in India. We always had millions of fans, but before they could only watch cricket, now they can play cricket.

The trend of growth of fantasy sports is not going to cease in India any sooner, instead, it is bound to grow more in future. With deeper penetration of mobiles and internet, fantasy sports will grow further. Cricket is the most popular fantasy sports in India at the moment, it is all but natural because the popularity of cricket is insane in India and thus people love to be a part of cricket fantasy games where they can actually show their cricketing skills. However, fantasy sports in India is not restricted to cricket, there are other sports such as Football, Hockey and Kabaddi too gaining popularity. The biggest reason for this popularity is that all these fantasy games offer a person to show his skills of the game. So, if you missed a chance to become a cricketer, you can join fantasy cricket games to play online. Few of the other reasons why fantasy sports are gaining prominence in India:

Fantasy sports gives a hope to earn big amount of real cash: Yes, it is true that the odds of winning big in fantasy games is low, yet, when there is hope, there are people. Everyone believes that one day they will earn big in fantasy leagues. Even not big winning a smaller amount on a regular base is quite possible.

Fantasy sports is addictive: If you start playing fantasy sports, there is a high chance that you will become a regular fantasy league player. It is quite addictive.

Fantasy league gives you a chance to show your skills: There are cricket experts in every corner of India. In the TV era, they could shout in front of the TV that the decisions were good or bad but no one would listen. However, in a fantasy league, they can pick a team, let the team win and then show their cricketing skills. This is a place where they can actually use their skills to win. They can show their skills.

Fantasy sports is legal: Yes, you can not see a trend of sports betting in India for a simple fact that it is illegal This is not the case with fantasy sports. They are very much league. Thus, there is a great scope for these games to flourish in India. They are greatly promoted and people are just falling in love with this great game.

Fantasy cricket is here to stay in India. The trend in past few years indicates that it is growing at an exponential rate and this would mean that a country of 1.3 billion population will have millions (if not a billion) fantasy sports fans very soon. The trend might indicate that cricket is the clear ahead of other sports in fantasy games, but others too have a great fan following. With such a big population, internet penetration and love for sports, the trend is clear.

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