How to take wordpress backup with plugins

Every WordPress websites need a backup. In WordPress, database Backup is much needed to create a website. WordPress Backup is the only way to ensure all your post, pages, and other content can be restored. So here there are three main database Backup options which are available to restore your data.

  • Provide by your host or Server Backups
  • Plugins(WordPress Backup Tools)
  • DIY(WordPress Manual Backup)

Now Question is arising Why do we need to create a WordPress Database Backup? Let’s see:

Why do we need to create a WordPress Database Backup?

Whenever you update or making any other changes on your website, there’s always a chance something could be wrong. When any type of condition is come through firstly you will want a recent backup copy to use to restore your site to the previous setting.

If we talk about WordPress website it is made of two parts first one is file and second is the database.WordPress Database is like the homepage of your website where all the content of your site is live, all the posts, pages, and comment. Database Backup is also contained metadata, user information, and plugin setting. The most important warning of Database Backup is if your Database becomes corrupted, you may be losing everything.

Some free WordPress Backup Plugins:

Everyone which is using the website is knowing how mind-boggling running it can be, and how many hours it can take. If you are running a WordPress website then the first thing which to do find, install, configure, and activate specific plugins which can Backup and protect your content. If someone that covering damage, try to prevent it and install these plugins as soon as possible.

So many WordPress Backup plugin is out there, so firstly research carefully before you have chosen the best one for your website. Let’s discuss some of the best free Backup plugin work on WordPress websites, and most of them requiring only basic tech knowledge.


  • Duplicate is used to move WordPress site from one server to another server.
  • Duplicate migrate locally developer WordPress to live server.
  • In Duplicate, clone lives server WordPress site on your local desktop

XCloner Backup

XCloner Backup plugin is perfectly integrated with WordPress, XCloner is able to create complete and differential Backups of your site. The main purpose of created XCloner Backup is to Generate custom backups of any WordPress website through custom admin input.

XCloner Backup is also able to restore the Backup of any other location with the help of automatic restore script. Some tools which are used in XCloner Back-ups such as TAR, Mysql, and CSV formats so you can rest assured your backups can be restored in a variety of ways, which will be giving you more flexibility and full control.

Some features which are used in XCloner Backup:  

  • In XCloner Backup, Backup is Restore your WordPress site easily.
  • It creates compressed and uncompressed backups using a TAR open source format.
  • It uses  AES-128-CBC algorithm for creating encrypted backups archives.
  • XCloner Backup creates automated backups from your Scheduled Backups Section.
  • It provides email notifications of created backups
  • XCloner Backup generate automatic backups before a WordPress automatic update
  • It used GDPR for compliant by added encryption data


In UpdraftPlus it has two versions paid and unpaid, the rank of UpdraftPlus is very in WordPress plugins. UpdraftPlus is also a multitude of storage services which can make strong backups possible in every location you want.                                     

Updraft has another advantage that it erases and simplifies both the Backup and the restoring process. Some tools in which you can store your data with the help of UpdraftPlus such as cloud, Google, Drive, Dropbox, FTP, Rackspace Cloud, OpenStack Swift, DreamObjects and many more. Many times UpdraftPlus will take a single click to restore all information, and all database and files will have different backup schedules that’s why it’s ranking are high in WordPress Backup.


BackWPUp can be used to save your complete installation and push them to an external Backup Service, like Dropbox, S3, FTP and many more. In BackWPUp plugin it provides a single backup .zip file, in which you can easily restore an installation.           

Some other service which is used in BackWPUp plugin these are:

  • For need Mysql database Backup.
  • For FTP it needs Store backup to FTP server.
  • For curl, it needs to store backup to RackSpace Cloud.
  • It sends logs and backups by email.


BackUpWordPress is also a top rank WordPress plugin, open source, and WordPress and will provide free support for the many BackupWordPress websites.

Some steps which are used in BackUpWordPress while you used in your sites:

  • It very very simple to use, no setup required.
  • It works in low memory.
  • It manages multiple schedules.
  • It has many options to have each backup file emailed to you.
  • For easier, it works on Linux & Windows Server.

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