How to study class11 commerce subjects

Commerce can be a tricky subject for students who have just passed out of class 10th board exam and determined to take one step ahead towards achieving their goal. Though, commerce seems to be the safest stream for most of the students, offers a wide range of subjects which can be exhausting and time-consuming sometimes. So, to makes the preparation easy we have penned down a few tips for Class 11th Commerce Subjects and highlighted Class 11th Commerce Books, that will help students to understand the concepts and prepare well for the exams and score well.

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Class 11th Commerce Subjects

  • Accountancy- In class 11, students are introduced with the basic knowledge of accounting, balance sheet, journal entry, and other transactions which involves a lot of calculations.

            Tips to remember.

  • Students should at least practice solving 5-10 questions every day to get used to the methods and the process.
  • Every day solve 3 questions from the earlier topic before starting with the new topic.

Books to refer.

  • K.Goel
  • S. Grewal
  • Economics- Out of all this is an interesting topic having concepts like foreign trade, agriculture, industrial sector, occupation, structure, etc.

Tips to remember.

  • Studying with diagrams works wonders for this subject and easy to fetch extra marks in the exam.
  • In exams, giving diagrams as an example can fetch extra marks.
  • Learn differences between terms and try to present them in a tabular column.

           Books to refer.

  • Jain and V.K. Okhri
  • Sandeep Garg
  • Sachdeva
  • Business Studies-This subject is theory based and provides insight about nature business and its purpose, types of industry, commerce, and internal trade.

Tips to remember.

  • Understanding and memorizing each topic every day is important as it covers a wide range of concepts.
  • Map down your understanding into flowcharts and mind-maps using simple words that can be easily connected.
  • Revision is a must while studying business studies.

Books to refer.

  • MeenaVerma
  • Sandeep Garg
  • Poonam Gandhi
  • Online MBA Assignment help

The listed tips and books provided here will help students to achieve good marks in class 12 commerce board exam. For more information in CBSE Class 11th commerce subjects stay tuned to BYJU’S.

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