How to start a career in photography

Do you fall into the category of people who like to capture amazing clicks through the beauty of your lens?? Do you take pride or are you the most sought out person to capture those amazing clicks during festive occasions? If yes is the answer to the above questions, explore a career in photography.  This happens to be your passion and love then you should feel less of a career and more of an enjoyment. But if you are serious about it as a career you need to have technical acumen, proper business knowledge in combination with a creative eye. For a photographer to be successful, visual imagination and a creative eye are the basic traits. You need to complement your creative side with technical expertise. Join a basic photography and videography courses to give a head start to your career.

Humble beginnings

To attain technical specialization there are basic and advanced photography courses. Along with your regular classes, these basic courses can be pursued or even avail a part-time course. For a higher level of qualifications, you can apply to a photography institute of repute. If your background is in computers then acquiring technical skills is expected to be considerably easy. These skills help you to pose the right set of pictures, what your client looks upon. This would mean a concise view of the technical knowledge about your equipment, lighting or camera skills and even digital imaging skills.

In the starting phase, it is better if you work with a seasoned photographer as you can gain valuable inputs from them. This is going to provide you with valuable insights on what a photographer can come up during their job. Business acumen and how to handle clients would be part of the on the job training. By these workshops, you gain hands-on experience. Even your works can be showcased on such workplace platforms. As regular visitors would provide true feedback about your album you can enhance your skills in a positive direction. Undertaking freelance work would also help.   A sense of confidence is provided when you are approaching other organizations or fellow photographers for work. Availing photography courses will take your career to a different level.

Pay package

At an initial level, it would be difficult to make a career from photography. But if you do possess the creative skills and if you are willing to put in the extra hours then the sky is the limit. You need to possess good business skills as well. In doing so photography could turn out to be a rewarding profession for you.

On being assistant to the main photographer you will be paid between Rs 3000 to Rs 6500. While donning the hat of a professional photographer you are expected to be paid between Rs 25000, to Rs 40000. If you possess skills in fashion photographer then the amount is expected to shoot up at a higher level. Self-employment is going to help, once again depending upon an assignment to assignment basis.

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