How to protect privacy when playing games

Online games have the tendency to expose to millions across the globe. It does sound pretty useful as you can play with millions of others, but it has its downside as well. You have your personal information at risk if you are not cautious while playing your favorite game.

The global internet freedom is declining, and vigorous monitoring by national governments is the main reason behind it. It is within your rights anonymously and privately do whatever you want (until you are doing something that is not permissible by the law of your country). While gaming we often overlook the fact that our privacy can be breached by DDoS and other malware attacks.

So how can you maintain your privacy while playing games online?

Use a Gaming VPN

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for gaming will make you anonymous. Plus it will also make your connection secure by encrypting your gaming network over the internet. Instead of connecting to the gaming server you will be first connected to the VPN, and then your traffic will be bounced back to the eventual destination.

Gaming VPNs’ enable you to connect from several servers scattered across the globe; this gives you the liberty of faking your location while playing your favorite game online.

However, not all project free tv are equal and work in a similar fashion; some offer a ton of features while others will inadvertently slow down the speed causing interruptions and bad gameplay experience. Additionally, if you use a bad gaming VPN, then you might also want to keep a manual check on DNS leaks just to ensure that you are getting a secure connection.

Tweak your Privacy Settings

A lot of online games are customizable and offer different privacy settings. Some ask even before accessing your microphone or webcam. Such games boast that they aid keep the privacy of the gamer intact. You might not feel secure with the default settings, so it recommended learning privacy settings and then tweak yours to the level of protection you seek.

For instance, if you want o stay anonymous and secure like me then disable any friend request coming to you, or allow requests from only those who you already know. You can also disable messaging and restrict the amount of your personal information on your user profile.

Disable Cookies

A ton of modern website now collects cookies. Many still collect a few packs of data to understand the behavior of a gamer or website visitor. Although they aren’t capable of gathering all your personal information they can monitor your web surfing behavior to serve you with targeted ads. Many countries obliged websites to reveal if they collect cookies. On the contrary, websites do not always ask for visitor consent to collect cookies.

To take your anonymity game to the next level, I have to advise to disable all the cookies and tweak your cookies settings for your browsers. For instance, you can set up the settings of your browser at “Delete cookies when I close my browser.”

Do not Share Everything on Social Media

Although it might sound pretty basic, it is very crucial. Be careful of what you share online since the in-game communication often leads to your real name, account information and even personal details.

Avoid giving any details of this sort on social media and while playing games. I understand that we make friends while playing games online, but it is better not to risk your privacy out in the open while trusting your partner with your details.

Use Encrypted Browsers

If you are using a web browser to play an online game, then make sure that you use encrypted browsers and messaging services. An encrypted service will add a layer of cryptography to scramble the outgoing and incoming data which is super-hard for a hacker to decrypt. It is a simple way and always worth taking.


Gaming was once leisure activity; today it has turned into an industry. Since every industry has good and bad people, gaming is no other than that. Putting it simple and in a nutshell, you need to protect your data when you are playing games online. The above-mentioned tricks can help you evade a threat to privacy breach and will keep you secure throughout the gameplay.

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