How to market your engineering services this 2019

Marketing and engineering are exclusively in different fields. But in reality, you have a business to run, and gaining some loyal paying clients is the reason for your existence. 

Almost 63% of businesses in any industry view lead generation as their top marketing challenge while the remaining percentage finds it difficult to find a comfortable ROI.

Engineering firms, engineering supply companies, as well as architects and construction companies, face other distinctive challenges that the other field of business won’t experience. Engineering is an industry that requires a highly technical profession. Therefore getting your message out in a way that ordinary audience would understand needs an application of extra complexity that many marketing industry firms can’t provide. 

In order to execute an effective content marketing and lead generation strategy, you need to have high degree industry experts who can guide you on how to communicate with your clients in their language. 

Traditional (Business to Business) B2B marketing inbound marketing campaigns are structured to generate leads. It is with the fact that engineering companies acquire multiple referrals from their AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) counterparts due to the impact of heavy reliance on industry connections.

Traditional B2B marketing programs focus on the following: 

  • Branding
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Engaging website design
  • Content marketing
  • Lead nurturing

Three Essential Strategies of Marketing for Engineering


  • Target Architecture and Construction Leads


AEC industry is put together because they have this heavy reliance with each other.  80% of engineering firms get referrals from people they have never worked before rather than via existing clients. Recommendations are crucial to get new clients, especially within the AEC industry.

As said, referrals from architects and construction companies play the main role in having clients. A person who seeks the service of a construction firm will likely need the services of an engineer. Same with a person who consulted an architecture company, they will later ask for recommendations.

If you will limit your marketing efforts to your potential clients only, you are not making the best out of your resources. Therefore, constant referrals between AEC players are important for you to grow.

However, almost all businesses will only pass referrals along to a business if they can have something in return. If you have a lot of referrals to an architect they will surely give you the same or higher number of referrals. But if you don’t have enough referrals you will notice that their referrals will also dry up. 

That is the reason why you need to expand your marketing effort beyond your own target audience to include the clients of architecture and construction clients as well. Growth is not immediately visible by having one referral from an architect, but they can be a highly valuable lead for you.

A steady stream of leads and strong connection with your colleagues is a way of making an investment for prospective clients.


  • Establish Your Brand and Be a Leader


Most of the potential engineering clients don’t see much difference between one firm and another. The fact that you can demonstrate what your capabilities are will set you apart from your competitors.

Seek the help of marketing specialist to spread brand awareness so that you can nurture your sales funnel. Remember that your firm is your brand. When your team became thought leaders you can accomplish the following: build trust as your audience sees you as the expert, show transparency and authority, demonstrate your strength and capability, and demonstrate distinctiveness from your competitor.  

To achieve this, you will need to:

  • Create a website and have informative content that can highlight your firm’s awards and accomplishments.
  • Market your leadership team as thought leaders, putting a human face on your business can inspire the audience through personifying experience, education and training.


  • Speak your audience language


Assess the behavioural qualities of your audience. Dealing with a knowledgeable and refined audience requires a logical strategy to be successful. Marketers should produce content that the target demographic will find useful and relatable.

Trust and authority are the keys that can capture the attention of your qualified leads and convince them to take action. The easiest and most effective way to do that is to assure you are creating highly-technical marketing materials and content that speaks their language.

It is important to generate content that uses industry terminology, abbreviation and jargon as frequent as possible. In this way, your audience can feel that you understand and can find a solution to their problems.

This is what many B2B content creators fail to take advantage of.

Take note of these essential tips if you want to apply marketing for engineering firms.

Remember that having a marketing strategy to find clients for your engineering firm, B2B inbound methods such as SEO, social media, branding, and SEO are valuable but they are often not enough.

Your sales and marketing team should go beyond ordinary efforts. Generate more leads to use as referrals, make your brand as an authority in the industry, and make sure that your content is useful and understandable by the audience. Consistently apply these practices and increase your revenue.

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