How to maintain laboratory pass through desiccators

Laboratory equipment are highly sensitive. Even a small changes can lead to bigger problems. So it is always necessary to be careful while using any of the instrument in a lab. Handling anything requires extra care. Similarly managing and maintain them takes extra efforts. The instruments in a laboratory are very expensive. Damage of any small instrument can also cause a great loss. So damage cannot be afforded in a laboratory.

Maintaining a pass-through desiccator

A pass-through desiccator is one such important equipment in a lab. Pass-through desiccators are not something to be messed with. They are highly expensive and are of great use for a. So handling them needs extra effort and care.

Pass-through desiccators are mainly used to store chemical compound which are highly sensitive to atmospheric gases. There are so many chemicals in a laboratory which are of such nature. Hence to preserve them pass-through desiccators are used. So maintaining a pass-through desiccator is of high importance.

But how can it be done?                                       

Pass-through desiccators are highly sensitive so taking care of them involves various processes. Let us see some of the process which can help in maintenance of the pass-through desiccator:

  1. The doors of a pass-through desiccator are self-closing. They are spring-loaded. The self-closing door helps in preventing the moisture and humidity to enter into the chambers of the pass-through desiccator. This is one way of maintain the inside of the pass-through desiccator. As very sensitive materials are stored inside so presence of humidity cannot be afforded.
  2. The pass-through desiccators are made up of Stainless Steel desiccator. This is so because pass-through desiccators are used on a daily basis for some or the other lab purpose. So if the material starts getting corroding then it can lead to failure of the experiments.Hence corroded pass-through desiccators are of no use. So maintaining a stainless steel pass-through desiccator is easy and simple. Also it is affordable.
  3. The chambers of the pass-through desiccators should be sanitized on a regular basis. This is to kill the contaminants present inside the desiccators. If the desiccator is not sanitized properly on a regular interval of time then there are chances that it may lead to the contamination of other chemical compounds as well.
  4. There are drip trays present inside every pass-through desiccator. It is very important to keep the drip tray clean all the time. The drip tray should be removable in nature so that whenever required it can be removed and cleaned. Also there should not be any leakage in the drip tray. The presence of drip tray really simplifies the cleaning process.
  5. The pass-through desiccators should be used carefully all the time. They are used for various purposes. For storing of specimens and for transferring of various samples. Hence the pass-through desiccators should be well maintained so that the privacy is maintained. There should not be any loop holes in transferring the compounds.

Hence these are some of the requirements for maintaining the pass-through desiccators.

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