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There are abundant varieties of styles and choices of clothing available for women to flaunt their fashion skills and appear stylish and dazzling on any occasion, but the same cannot be said for men. As it is, men do not have a huge variety of clothes to choose from and an added misery to that comes in the form of matching with the particular occasion. Knowing men’s fashion is a tricky business, but with the right idea and knowledge, it is easy to carry men’s wardrobe. The main task that men face while deciding a look for an occasion is how to mix and match the available clothes to create a different and appropriate look. Here are some tips that will help you create a refreshing look perfect for any occasion:

  1. Wear formal in a casual manner: It is a universal truth that men look the best and the most presentable in formal clothing. However, at times, formal attire can become too boring if you keep on wearing it on an everyday basis. What you can do to solve this situation is that you can spice up the dressing in a casual form to make yourself appear presentable as well as casual. To spice up your formal look, you can leave the first few buttons of your shirt open and not tuck the shirt inside your pocket. That way your shirt will complement your body cut. One vital point to keep in mind here is that your pants should be of the perfect measurement and suit your body type.

  2. Combine ripped denim with cool printed T-shirts: The style of wearing ripped denim has been on the covers lately, and it cannot be said that they don’t look cool, especially when combined with T-shirts that have funny quotes printed on them or just those with avengers logo printed on them. We all have at some point envied people wearing T-shirts with F.R.I.E.N.D.S dialogues or sentences written on them because they do look super cool. The best thing about wearing a printed T-shirt is that you can flaunt your inner personality without saying a single word.

  3. A simple t-shirt with a jacket works great: Who says you can’t wear a jacket in summer? When you go with the correct choice of clothing for the jacket, it will work just fine for you. Combining a plain t-shirt with a complementary jacket would not only make you look presentable and dazzling, but it would also make you appear different. Who says you can’t wear a jacket in summer? When you go with the correct choice of clothing for the jacket, it will work just fine for you

  4. Classy Polos: Polo T-shirts can never march out of style. It is the go-to outfit for any man trying to look his best for any special occasion. Polos carry that subtle look that commands class wherever they go.

  5. Sweatshirts and casuals: When you do not want to look too formal and have to attend an occasion where you need to look your best without wanting to look like a techie guy, sweatshirts are the perfect option for you. Pastel colored casual full sleeve sweatshirts can be a good pick for a casual outing with friends or a club night. Combining a plain white tee with a layer f blue denim shirt also look great on most men. In case, you want it to be a little formal; you can choose formal pants to turn the look around completely.

  6. Blazers are made to kill: the ultimate dazzler to any party is a blazer look which defines elegance mixed with style and fun combine, together. You can opt to wear a blazer on any wear, and it would increase the beauty of the look. Blazer combined with a formal suit grabs attention the moment you step into the room. A T-shirt and blazer work just as well to show your fun side. You can also wear a blazer on casual shirts to enhance the look further.

You can also go through many websites that offer a huge variety of men’s clothes online; they will help you a great some great ideas to carry your style. These were some quick and quirky tips for men to spice up their wardrobe and get a better judgment of their clothes to polish their appearances and create an everlasting experience on people in the room.


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