How to gain more instagram story views

Stories are the new sensation over the landscape of social media but undoubtedly, Instagram stories are much popular. Snapchat started this feature on its app but later Instagram introduced it on its platform that went more popular than Snapchat. Here, I will share some tips and tricks that help you to gain more Instagram story views. Posting multiple stories is wasted if you have not a good amount of story views.  

When you are going to share a story, keep in mind that share only interesting and informative content with your audience. People are likely to overlook random and pointless content. Ask yourself, if you are a viewer either you watch this story or not? If you don’t like to watch your own story then how other people take interest to view your Instagram story?  Let’s have a look at the tips that how I managed to buy Instagram followers organically.


Mentions or tag other people in your story is a great way to collaborate with other people. Moreover, you could also mention like-minded accounts on your blog posts, Instagram posts, videos and podcast interviews to get more followers that in turns give you more story views down the track.

Share your story:

This is another good way to get more eyes on your story. I also do the same more often. Don’t share every story with others. Try to share a story that is interesting and unique. There are two ways to share your story with others.

  •    Before posting your story, go to the bottom and tap on the option ‘send to’ and choose who you want to send your story.
  •    You can share your story once it posted. After posting a story, simply tap on your Instagram story and then go to the right side of your screen and tap on the 3 dots. Now tab on the option ‘send to’ and select who you want to send it. Moreover, you can also add your story as a highlight to your Instagram profile that gives you more story views.  There is also another option i.e. save your story, you can save it and share it on Facebook and Twitter. By doing this, your Facebook and Twitter followers can see your stories and follow you on Instagram.

Engage in your followers’ stories:

When you engage on other’s content then there are better chances that they check you’re your content. For instance, when you engage in your follower’s stories, they will also view your stories.

Send some good comments on their stories that show appreciation of their work. But remember one thing; your comments should be relevant to the video or imagery you are commenting on.

Post at different times:

In order to gain more Instagram story views, post your story at different times of the day. Set a reminder, save your stories in your phones and post them when most of your followers are active. By doing this, more people will be able to watch your story.

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