How to fix marble cracks and chips successfully

The contribution of marble stones to construction and interior designing is remarkable. It has been a part of the contraction industry since ages and the historical buildings and monuments are the proof. Undoubtedly the aesthetic quality of marble stones is beyond comparison but at the same time these stones are delicate in nature and prone to damage.

Marbles often get cracked or chipped if something heavy falls on it. But the good news is that you do not need to always spend on repairing it as you can fix it yourself as well. Marble is a pricey stone and replacing it is not always an affordable option.

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The repair work, being less complicated can be performed successfully by homeowners with proper knowledge. If you are also dealing with the same issue, go through the blog to know how you can fix the damage without spending much.

Here are steps you can follow to perform the repairing operation successfully

1. Surface preparation

The repairing work starts with the surface preparation which does not involve much of a hassle like finish removal or cleaning. The gap in the chipped marble is most likely to have the broken marble pieces that need to be taken out for the proper adherence of the patch. You can simply use a brush to remove small marble chunks from the hole but when it comes to removing particles a handheld vacuum is recommended. Once you are done with the hole, clean up the area surrounding the crack.

2. Replace the chunk

You are lucky if you have the broken marble chunk in your hands as it simplifies your task. Usually marbles do not split into small pieces and fixing it becomes easy if you are aware of the cause of the damage. Stone specific adhesive is used in this type of repair work. You need to apply the adhesive both in the chunk and in the hole and press it after placing the chunk inside the gap. Push the chunk gently and wipe off the excess adhesive.

3. Filling the gap

Now, the hole is needed to be filled with epoxy for which it has to be cleaned and prepared. You are advised to use epoxy with two parts and both the parts should be mixed in a clean bowl following the instruction manual given with it. Epoxy mix gets solidified very easily and that is why you need to prepare the mixture quickly. Once it is prepared, keep filling the hole until it overflows. Using a putty knife you can evenly distribute the mix inside the hole.

4. Finishing touch

When the epoxy mix sets in place you need to block the damaged area with polyurethane. Pour the polyurethane in a bowl and apply on the epoxy mix using a micro brush.

Amongst other flooring materials, marble tiles Mississauga are the only stones that offer an easy repairing facility to its users. That is why it is always a better option to properly maintain and take care of your floor to keep the stones in a good condition so that they can last for decades keeping the brand new appearance intact.

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