How to buy the best lunch box for kids ideas

When it comes to lunch boxes for kids, there are a number of styles and varieties to choose from. So, it might become confusing to find the best one. Do not worry, we have your back with lunch box for kids ideas that will help you to find a perfect one. The lunch box for your kid must be made of materials that do not harm your child. It should be easy to open and clean as well.

Features to Look for In a Lunch Box

Prefer the lunch box that seals tight and keeps the food inside fresh, whether it is wrapped or not. By this, you can also save some money spend on buying plastic wraps. The perfect lunch box for your kid is one that doesn’t squash, is reusable and keeps the food fresh. If your kid is fussy and making him eat is a challenging task for you, then bento style lunch boxes and accessories can help you to make food exciting and fun for your kid. While buying a lunch box for your kid, you must look for the following features:

Sections: Buy a lunch box that has separate spaces to place different foods. It makes food look amazing for kids.

Machine Washable: Choose the lunch box that you can wash in the washing machine for your convenience.

Reusable: Plastic ziplock bags can be used as lunch boxes for kids, but these cost not only extra dollars but also pollute the environment.

BPA-Free: The primary purpose of lunch boxes is to store food, so you need to buy one that is safe to store food inside.

Easy to Clean: There are many options when it comes to lunch boxes and you can buy many unique styles. But make sure that the lunch box is easy to clean, as some lunch boxes with incorporated designs might be difficult to clean.

Perfect Portions: Make sure that the lunch box has numerous sections big enough to provide a sufficient amount of food that the kids will eat.

Compact Design: Kids carry the lunch box to school in either their hand or in their bag. In each case, make sure that the lunch box has a compact design so it can be stored easily.

Retain Freshness: A lunch box must keep the food inside fresh and should have a properly sealed closure.

Best Lunch Boxes for Kids

By considering numerous criterion including, sizes, portions, durability and sustainability, we have come up with a list of lunch boxes from which you can choose one that suits your needs.

YUMBOX Bento Lunch Box

YUMBOX has designed a leak-proof lunch box to keep your food inside fresh and delicious. With the easy to open and close latch, this lunch box is perfect even for toddlers. There are five compartments in this lunch box and each is sealed independently by a lid. The compact design and light weight make it easy to carry and the BPA-free materials used for its construction makes it a safer choice. There are two parts of this lunch box, an exterior shell and a tray. The tray is removable with rounded corners, making it convenient to rinse and wash.

PlanetBox Rover Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Box

PlanetBox Rover provides an easy way to pack healthy food. The custom design of this lunch box is ideal for packing well-balanced lunch for your kid. It is a non-toxic alternative of plastic lunch boxes and the premium quality stainless steel makes it safe to use.

There are five individual sections that make sure that different items do not come in contact with each other and when opened the food is appealing and well organized. This lunch box is also ideal for adults to pack a healthy meal.

OmieBox Bento Lunch Box for Kids

Omiebox has designed a unique lunch box to help mothers with picky eater kids. If your kid wants his or her favorite food served warm, then this is what you are looking for. With the thermos insert, it keeps the food warm inside, so your kids can eat hot food whenever they want to.

With this innovative lunch box, you can send hot soup or chilled strawberries with your kid without using too many small containers. There are different compartments in this lunch box and the rubber seals are removable so you can wash it easily every day.

LEGO Lunch Box

The color and design of Lego lunch box will add a fun element to the lunchtime of your kid. This box has undergone quality tests and is totally safe to store food. It is a large lunch box with smaller sections inside, which provides enough space for your kid’s favorite lunch items, whether it is snacks, vegetables, fruits or dry fruits.

Additionally, using this box, you will not have to worry about mixing of the food items during the day. It is available in different colors, so your kid can have one he or she loves. PVC free materials are used for the making of this lunch box, making it safe to use and easy to clean.

CoolBites Premium Bento Lunch Box

The CoolBites lunch box has been designed to make sure that your cold food stays cool all day. There are four compartments in this lunch box, making it an excellent choice for kids as well as adults. There is a detachable vent hole in this box, ensuring that condensation and moisture leave the compartments of food when it is required. Made from supreme quality materials, this box is quite easy to store and clean.


Children have different needs and requirements when it comes to lunch options. So for their varying food requirements, there are different lunchboxes. These lunch boxes will make packing of lunch for your kids a fun activity rather than boring brown paper packing. The common points while buying a lunch box that must be considered are that the box is easy to use and clean, safe for the food packing and have a compact design.

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