How startups can make influencer marketing work on a budget

Startups are new companies that operate on a shoestring budget. Their resources are limited until they start making money. So, a company with a limited resource should try to get the maximum mileage at a small cost. There are many social media websites that can market your product for a cost, but sometimes they might be costlier for you. On such occasions, the best option for a startup is to use influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing for many companies has not yielded favorable results. The failure of Influencers for many might be for multiple reasons. But in today’s digital world using Influencers is one of the best options for success. Partnering with an Influencer will bring in ready customers for a startup and they need not spend separately to find customers.

How to choose the right influencer for a startup?

The Startup should first choose the right influencer suitable for their budget. A startup can go for Micro-influencers for their business. Micro-influencers have 3000-10,000 followers and a company can use many Micro-influencers for their purpose.

Though many big companies go for an Influencer with lakhs of followers, a Micro-influencer should not be taken lightly. Many people believe the words of a Micro-influencer than a celebrity influencer as they think that the Micro-influencer could be using the product personally and they can relate to them as their own.

Micro-influencers do not expect a large payment from the company and using them will be very helpful for a startup’s financial condition.

A Startup should look for an Influencer who engages more with their followers. When there is more engagement between the Influencer and follower it suggests that the follower will believe the Influencer’s words. A celebrity influencer might get more likes but there will be fewer interactions between them for various reasons.

The Startup can reward the influencer based on the performance rather than on the number of posts. This method of paying for performance is gaining popularity among Influencers who are greatly benefited by this model. Even many bigger companies have started paying in this method and now startups can use this method to save their money.

Choose an Influencer who will accept the company’s products as payments for their services instead of monetary benefits. Such type of payments will reduce the expenses for the company and promote free marketing for their products and services.

Facebook is one of the biggest marketing tools for a product but it might not be beneficial for a startup because of the cost. On such occasions, it is always better to choose a loyal customer to promote their product. A customer who has been using their product faithfully will come forward willingly to promote their product for free or will be ready to get paid with the companies’ products.

A loyal customer will happily promote the product as they have experience of personally using the product. They will engage with the customer happy and give good feedback to the customers.

When you like to promote a product through YouTube and Facebook use an attractive thumbnail for the product and instead of developing separately for Facebook use YouTube to Facebook video converter and promote the product which will reduce your expenses.

Using different marketing strategies and Influencers use it for YouTube to FB promotions. YouTube to Facebook thumbnail created for YouTube can be used for Facebook. Yt2fb is the best possible options to reduce the marketing cost of a startup.

Search for Influencers who like your product and use them personally. Such Influencers are an asset for a company and will reduce the expenses of a startup until the company can stand on its financial strength.


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