How smartphone cameras are taking over digital cameras

Almost a decade ago, digital cameras took over the place of manual cameras leaving them for nothing but trash and now the same thing is happening with a small digital camera which is now taken over by smartphones. Digital cameras are lying uselessly in wardrobes and smartphone cameras are doing the same job for the user, in fact, those who do not have digital cameras prefer to invest money on some amazing phone camera accessories instead.

Recently a survey has been conducted, where a group of people was asked that how do they prefer to take pictures while on holiday, and to everyone’s surprise 70% of them prefer to use technology equipped smartphones as compared to the digital cameras.

Lately, a smartphone manufacturer has understood the importance of cameras and now they are making sure to optimize the camera capabilities in the best possible way. Some of the leading smartphone brands have joined hands with best of camera lens manufacturers to upgrade their gadgets. This step is going to be very strong against digital cameras as there is a high probability that the remaining 30% may also shift towards smartphones to click pictures with this move.

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To understand this major shift of choice, we have underlined a few reasons that may help you to understand the reason for preferring smartphones cameras over digital cameras:

  • Small easy to carry device: The one major reason behind this shift is the ease of carrying a mobile phone. Smartphones are easier to carry and do not require extra batteries or a charger. Also, with technology equipped smartphone there is no need not to carry additional baggage.
  • Picture Quality: Picture quality of these smartphone cameras is as good as any other picture clicked from a digital camera, thus people opt for one gadget with all the functions rather buying different gadgets for different functions.
  • Value for money: Spending money on buying a good smartphone is always recommended as it will not only serve one purpose but will prove to be a one-stop solution for all your communication as well as entertainment needs. However, buying a camera will block your money as it has only one function to perform and that is to click pictures.
  • Value addition accessories: To enhance the picture quality of the images clicked from your smartphone, you can always buy value addition phone camera accessories at pocket-friendly prices, whereas accessories for a digital camera may prove to be really expensive and not of much use.

Smartphone manufacturers are making all the efforts to kill the standard of compact camera market by providing similar features in a gadget which is less expensive, can perform multiple functions and is easier to carry around.

No matter whether you want to buy additional phone camera accessories or not, if you are a casual photographer it is recommended to invest on the smartphone with multi-utilities rather than investing on a digital camera which is going to make its place in one of the corners of your wardrobe.

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