How many t shirts should i print on my first launch

Printing custom t-shirts are not that easy, you need to know the methods of printing as well as the money you have that you can use in printing t-shirts. You really need to know the price of the machines that print t-shirts because there are cheap and expensive machines and all machines have their pros and cons. Some machines are cheap but they don’t give the quality of the custom t-shirt in result the way you expected or according to the customer needs but there are some machines who give good quality of t-shirt.

It all depends on what you are trying to do with the custom t-shirt, are you trying to make a new brand just like big brands there are or you just want to print custom t-shirt and sell them in a low price but in a good quality. It is all up to you; make up your own mind first so that you should know what you are going to do and where to do you see your company in the future. There are so many ways to print your custom t-shirts and how many custom t-shirts, but it all depends on the idea you have come up with.

Your idea should be unique so that you can make your place in the market in the competition with other companies. You should know from where you have to print your t-shirt or you have to buy your own machine so that you can print your custom t-shirts on your own. As I have said before it is all up to you as it your business and you know what you want or how you want to do it according to the circumstances and money you have.

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Now if you are looking for the question that how many t-shirts you should print on your first launch, then I can answer you that easily. You have two choices:

Small number t-shirts:

You can buy small number of t-shirts so that you can know that you can sell them easily and you know where to sell them. If you know you budget and you know your orders then you can buy small number of t-shirts according to your requirements so that you can bring no risks to your business before overbuying stuff and making a loss for your company.

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If I tell you about myself, in my experience you should buy somewhat around 50 t-shirts so that you can bring no loss to the company and you can easily sell your custom t-shirts if the message or statement you are printing on your custom t-shirt attracts the customer.


  • You will make a decent profit
  • You won’t have to many losses
  • No risk of over buying


  • If you sell out you will have to make more
  • It will get expensive if you make more
  • Sizes will be a big problem

Bulk buying:

The second choice for you is that you can buy a bulk of t-shirts that will have you not order more t-shirts and it will not be more expensive. Buying custom t-shirts in a bulk will help you save money in a long run and you can run your business without any problems.


  • You save time
  • You will save money
  • You will give your customers a good quality custom t-shirt


  • When you order more stuff then obviously you will need more space for that
  • Calculating the t-shirts will be harder for you.
  • You need to keep the artwork simple

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