How flowers are being used in fashion

Did you know that nature is a constant source of inspiration for fashion designers? This year will not be different. The flowers will give the color that fashion needs. Floral prints, accessories with flower colors and lush shapes, embroidery and applications in this theme are a strong trend for the world of fashion 2019.

Use and abuse of accessories

The hair blossoms have been successful this summer in 2019 and are expected to continue rising for the rest of the year. Among the brides of 2019, the flowers in the hair are with everything! Use and abuse them to create hairstyles!

In winter, the trick is to use darker or neutral but sober floral accessories, as cold days demand. Country boots with embossed or embroidered flowers and other types of shoe with flowery details, as well as handbags and wallets, will also be highlighted this season.

Jewelry, costume jewelry and scarves with floral prints are also options to use the flowers in your style this year. The idea is to use prints and flower motifs associated with the stones, mainly natural, in the case of jewelry and costume jewelry. Among the floral scarves, the highlights are those with large and exuberant images, very colorful.

Floral prints for all styles

Stripped styles like boho chic and western chic – which are an irreverent country footprint – are on the rise this year, as are patchwork pieces and ethnic prints, many of them floral.

Invest in fringed pieces, leather texture and the like, natural wool, soft plaids, light and fine fabrics, also more natural. Applications of floral embroidery, with stones and other props will be essential n this winter 2019.

If you prefer something more subtle in your day-to-day style, opt for more minimalist pieces of clothing or accessories with small, delicate flowers.

Roses forever in fashion

The roses will never go out of style! They are classic, have a good variety of colors and species and are perfect for decorating and creating special environments. The shades of roses always influence the colors of fashion, make-up and enamel. In doubt, bet on the roses.

Orchids to collect

Orchids always resemble exoticism and topicality, which is a trend in fashion today. They have some sophistication and are also very classic flowers. It’s hard not to be charmed by them. If you want a more casual and informal version, choose miniature orchids.

Freesia for all occasions

The freesia are flowers that are in fashion, because they are perfect to combine with other species in bouquets and arrangements, as is the case with lilies, for example. It is the special touch that can be given to a decoration.

Natural colors, such as flowers that inspire trends

When it comes to makeup trends and nails, pay attention to the natural colors, such as pink, neutral blue, earthy tones, the palette of purple, among others we see in flowers, foliage and fruits.

A highlight is the classic reds, which will be successful this year and in the wine variations. They will be the inspiration for that beautiful make or wonderful nails that will not go unnoticed.

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