How do i change my canon printer from offline to online


Canon company headquarters are in Tokyo and this company launched in 1933 as a trading company. Canon company develops, manufactures and sells many types of products and services which copying machines, printers, cameras, and other products. It is a well-recognized brand all over the world because of its services and product quality. Canon company believes in diversity so that why it launches new products and keep updated in the market according to the trends. Canon is trusted worldwide by all the businessmen, families and all the public and private sectors.

Canon deals in the following products:

  1. Digital multifunction Devices
  2. Color Network Digital
  3. Personal Use network Digital MFD.
  4. Office Copying Machines
  5. Full-color Copying Machines
  6. Laser printer
  7. Inkjet printer
  8. DSLR Cameras.
  9. Compact Digital Cameras
  10. Document Scanner
  11. Micromotors
  12. Handy Terminals

In this article, we are going to discuss the canon printer, Canon printers are multifunctional printers that are compatible with the office work and personal work.

Canon printers are very easy to operate and it is very easy to use in day to day work Some problems are paper jams, blockage problem or leakage of the Ink. Some other errors like glitches which are techniques that can be solved by the person who has technical knowledge. These errors make hindrance in our day to day work.

as we know that printer is a machine and every machine requires services from time to time otherwise it will not work properly and if the timely services will not be provided properly that canon printer is offline and it will not work properly. Then it goes offline and does not work for a long time and we will guide the users what are the main reasons for the printer goes offline:

Reasons for Canon Printer is offline

  • The first and main reason is that when the computer lost its connection and unable to operate its functions So that it makes trouble for the printer and then printer goes stuck on one stage and does not responds.
  • Another reason for the canon printer is offline is that when the printer is not properly connected with the router and the connection response goes down.
  • This reason explains that the canon printer is offline because we do not use as the default printer. When we do not choose it as our default printer then it shows the offline status.
  • When a user does not configure the printer and there are no proper drivers installed in the computer related to that canon printer is offline and there will be no response a user will get by the printer because old drivers do not let the printer works properly.
  • If the user does not provide proper wire connection and power connection to the printer then it becomes the reason of the canon printer is offline.
  • The last but not the least point is that sometimes the printer gets the problem with the hardware, such as disconnected cables and malfunctioning equipment and the problem with software which includes corrupted files. So that why it is the reason of canon printer is offline

There are many solutions to solve the canon printer is offline

Solution No. 1:
  • First, go to the Start Menu then enter the SERVICE in the Search box. After that, a window will appear and then click on the click services which are shown on the result.
  • Then just right click in the printer spooler and then click on the restart button. Now, wait for some time for being installed.
  • Now again Right click on the printer spooler and now will see an option choose properties. And then it’s start up type to be automatic. Then after that just click on the Settings and just save the data.
  • Then the last process is that restart your PC and try to print and if the file print successfully then you get to know your printer is working.
  • This solution will help the users to convert the canon printer is offline to online
Solution No 2:
  • First, go to the start button then go to the control panel. Then after that click on the control panel which is shown on the windows screen.
  • Then go to hardware and sound and after that in the next step click on the drivers and printers,
  • Then in the printer catalog right click on your Canon printer. Then after that choose on the button what’s printing.
  • Then click on the printer to see that if the use printer is unchecked and if it unchecked then click on uncheck button to make it online
  • Now just click on the printer again but this time click on cancel all the documents.
  • Now just try to print your file and check if your printer works or not.
  • This solution will help the users to convert the canon printer is offline to online
Solution No 3:
  • This is the main problem that every user faces when his canon printer is offline that reason is caused by the canon drivers.
  • Now find your printer driver in the control panel and uninstall the old drivers of your printers.
  • Download the original and updated drivers from the official website of the canon and then install it on your printer.
  • It takes some time to install the drivers and after the proper installation just restart your computer and check that your printer is working or not and try to print if it works, then it was just a driver problem.


In this article, we read about the canon company and its evaluation and its products and we study about the causes of why canon printer is offline and we got the root cause of its products and we read the three solution regarding it and we hope these three solutions will  help the user to get the canon printer online.

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