How can himalayan salt lamp improve mental health and sleep patterns

The Himalayan salt lamp is a beauty to behold in a room. Its light pinkish color gives it away anytime, even if it isn’t switched on. Whenever it is on, it creates an aura of calmness ordinarily enjoyed by people who fall in love with nature, like water, sunlight, and air.

Naturally mined from Punjab, Pakistan, it’s the birthplace of the real Himalayan salt lamps.

Why Is It So Much Treasured By Locals And The Broader Communities?

People believe the lamp filters impurities in a room by trapping moistures in the air that carries viruses, bacteria, pollens and a host of other contaminants we breathe. After the lamp heats up, it releases negative ions by trapping those contaminants and releasing a pure moisture air.

It is believed to be a natural ionizer which balances the number of positive ions and negative ions in the room.

What Are the Positive and Negative Ions?

The body produces various types of particles every day. Some come fully charged and can enhance our mood. Others don’t do so well with humans.

Positive ions are the amount of non-positively charged electrons in the body that causes us a lot of health complications like insomnia, allergies, asthmatic attacks, migraines and a lot more. They are contacted from radiation in our electronic devices and human activities like smoking, staying in an air-conditioned apartment for too long.

These electrical charges the body is exposed to as radiation sometimes are more than what our brainwave can carry thereby having severe health complication.

Negative ions are like the neutralizers of these positive ions because they always come fully charged to improve your mood and energy levels so that you can work better.

Himalayan salt lamps are one of the natural producers of negative ions in a room. The air that fills a room using a salt lamp is usually charged to neutralize pollutants in the air.

How Does The Lamp Improve Mental Health And Sleep Patterns?

In the course of having a real Himalayan salt lamp in your home, you would notice;

The constant headaches you and your family members keep getting from watching too much television, your laptop screen, and phone screen have all disappeared.

Improve the Air Quality

The air we breathe is full of contaminants most times before they reach us. Breathing polluted air is not always good for your mental state. It can lead to a mild and severe health problem. An example is living close to a dump site.

Salt lamps allow for the purification of the antigens in the air, which changes our mood and general well-being.

People who have health conditions like asthma and allergy can benefit from the lamp

Better Sleep

When you sleep under a salt lamp, the air is purified. It can lead to sleeping better.

The number of positive ions in the body can sometimes cause insomnia and irregular sleep patterns. Always watching TV at night doesn’t help in producing melatonin (the hormone responsible for sleep) which keeps your body awake thinking it is still daylight.

Salt lamps will help you get your regular sleep pattern in order. All you have to do is sleep underneath it throughout the night.

Mood Enhancer

Many of the benefits obtained from this lamp are usually the reactionary – mood enhancement is no exception.

Given its power to purify the air removing toxins and contaminants, it also has the power to produce the serotonin needed for our brains to get in a better mood.

Allows You to Relax

Like the number of negative ions found during rainfall or sunlight, salt lamps play a defining role in making sure you stay relaxed in your room.

In so doing, it will help you fall asleep faster than you could have imagined because the negative ions are always fully charged to give your body that soothing relief it desires.

Best Places to Buy Himalayan Salt Lamps

Initially mined in the Himalayas of Pakistan, salt lamps have found their way into every nook and cranny of this earth and the US is no exception.

In the process of hitting fame, a lot of fake salt lamps have been seen in stores across Europe and America to mention but a few.

Most people who buy them have no idea what a real one looks like. For that reason, we often find people not getting the full benefit associated with using an original one.

Originals are breakable light pink or orange hue depending. Buyers must make sure it is mined from Pakistan. The originals don’t emit much light – instead, they give a soft glow.

Favorite shops and outlet in the US offer the lamp for people with asthma, or any other cardiovascular disease or problem to enable them to breathe clean and refined air.

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