Guide to piccolo trumpets smallest

Trumpet : What is it?

Trumpets have the highest register compared to the other brass instruments (like the tuba, horn, euphonium, and trombone). It is still very popular in symphony orchestras and jazz bands.

Piccolo Trumpet : What is it?

Piccolo trumpets are the smallest types of trumpets. It is played in the keys A and B flat, with each key having its own leadpipe in the instrument. A piccolo trumpet that plays in the key of C, G, or F is very rare.

Piccolo trumpets are a really fun instrument to play once you get a high enough range to use them well. There are basically two types of piccolo trumpets – long models and short models. At one time, the short models were the only ones available, but when Schilke brought out the P5-4, things changed. It became the standard piccolo trumpet to get for awhile. It’s still available with a long waiting period, but we have some other great choices today. Piccolo trumpets are one place you can’t just buy a cheap one and expect good results. Bad ones play REALLY bad. I’ve listed several below that I consider to be good ones.

Yamaha has a great copy of the Schilke, the YTR-9835. It’s a great horn, and it’s cheaper than the Schilke. If I was looking for a piccolo trumpet, this would top out my choices.

Stomvi also has a great piccolo trumpet in it’s Elite Series. Maurice Andre was endorsing their piccolo trumpets at the time. I bought this horn before they were popular, and I’ve never regretted it. It’s a great horn at a great price. Plus, it always brings great comments because it looks fantastic. Mine also has an additional fourth valve slide for some unique trill combinations. That was something Maurice Andre wanted. It’s usually considered one of the best deals out there for a piccolo trumpet.

Types of Piccolo

Kinds of Piccolo Trumpets include the following:


A gold piccolo trumpet has a distinctive yellow gold color and is made up of four valves, a 3.5-inch diameter bell, and a 0.417-inch diameter bore. It is tuned to the keys of A and B flat.


A silver piccolo trumpet has a bright, silver-plated finish and is typically made up of four valves, a bell, and a 0.401-inch diameter bore. It is tuned to the keys of A and B flat. It produces a tight and bright tone especially when played in the high registers.

Choosing Piccolo (Buying tips)

Corrosion-resistance: Choose a piccolo trumpet with nickel silver valves because this material resists corrosion build-up very well.

Casing: Make sure you store your piccolo trumpet in a sturdy instrument case when not in use. A hard case can protect it from getting banged up, scratched, or dented.

Oil: To keep your piccolo trumpet running smoothly, buy a good valve oil. Some manufacturers include a bottle of valve oil when you buy the instrument.

Choosing Trumpets

Skill level: Choose a B flat trumpet if you are an amateur or student trumpeter. As you get better, you can upgrade to the more specific-key trumpets.

Care kit: When buying a trumpet, make sure you purchase a quality care kit along with it. The kit usually comes with slide grease, valve oil, valve brushes, cleaning snakes, and polishing cloths. Be sure to read the instruction manual to know the proper oiling and cleaning techniques.

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