Grab your family tent for camping and hunting

Grab Your Family Tent – Iowa’s Brushy Creek Allows for Camping and Hunting

Iowa is packed full of majestic state parks that offer a full range of amenities, including campgrounds, picnic areas, hiking trails and more. If you are an avid hunter, and want to make a family trip out of your hobby, check out Brushy Creek State Park, where there is plenty of room for tents, and an immense hunting area for enthusiasts.

Bushy Creek State Park

In Lehigh Iowa lies Brushy Creek State Park. A beautiful and immense 6,000 acre public park full of fields of wildflowers. Situated on the banks of the creek, this state park offers incredible vacation opportunities for campers, hunters and even horse lovers.

  • Camping at Brushy Creek State Park: There are two ways to get to your campsite at Bushy Creek, by foot or by horse. Here you find one of the most complex equestrian campsites in the country. Horse lovers may roam the acres of park space with their four legged friends all day and then hitch them next to the family tent for the night.

There are two sites available for horses inside the park. Both of which come complete with areas to wash them down and arenas to allow them some freedom.
If you left your horse at home, you can still roll out your sleeping bag in the non-equestrian campsite. Which has convenient access to the beach and boating? This is a full service campsite that includes water hook ups, electricity, and shower amenities – no need for stomping through the bush, so leave your compass at home.

  • Hunting at Brushy Creek State Park

After horseback riding, hunting is one of the most popular activities in the park. There are acres of land for a hunter to explore, both with recurve bow and arrow or hunting rifle. The woods are abundant in pheasant, quail, rabbits, squirrel and deer, providing hunters with plenty of moving targets.

  • Shooting Range

The park also has two distinct practice ranges, one for target shooting and the other is equipped for throwing clay targets.

  • Water Activities

The Des Moines River and creek both flow through the park, and are chock full of small mouth bass and panfish. The 690 acre lake is also a popular fishing zone, and you are going to find tournaments being held practically every weekend.

There is also a designated beach area where sunbathing and swimming are encouraged. Since the lake is no wake, there is little disturbances from the boats passing by.

  • Trails: Close to 45 miles of trails meander through the park and can be used for backpacking, bicycling, and riding horseback. The park is open in the winter as well, where winter sports enthusiasts are known to traverse these trails on skis and snowmobiles.

Outdoor lovers can spend a month exploring all of the features and amenities that Brushy Creek State Park has to offer. With literally something for everyone, this is an ideal location to bring the family for a camping vacation.  Always take the best backpacking knife, backpack, boots, camera with you for family trip

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