Glass boards are exceptionally serving educational institutes

Glass boards are very rapidly replacing whiteboards and blackboards in both educational and medical institutes. As technology evolves, the tools that the teachers use are also changing very quickly. Now the need for a better and more reliable space to teach has increased, and hence, technology has evolved to meet these requirements.

Glass Boards

Glass boards are a new type of board that is being used as a teaching tool in educational and medical institutes. The clear magnetic glass boards use modern technology and are being rapidly used. Why are they getting so much attention? Well, it’s clear, the more the technology evolves, the better it gets, so it has to get attention. Other than that, these glass boards also have several advantages associated with them.What are these advantages lets see?

  1. Stain Proof

Glass boards never stain or lose their color. This is solely due to the reason that they don’t absorb ink; they are non-porous, so the ink sits on the surface of the glass board and can be easily wiped off. Since the traditional whiteboards absorb ink, they get stained and lose their color.

You can draw on the glass board with chalk, permanent markers, dry erasemarkers or paint, everything can be easily wiped off, and the glass board remains as new as it was unused.

  1. Does Not Break

These glass boards can take high pressure, and as they are made with tempered glass, they do not break even if a kid bumps into them. The board can take a lot of pressure, which means that it is very safe to be used in educational institutions. As the glass has been made more and more strong through tampering, the glass boards also possess the same strength and are impossible to break, especially considering that they are being used in educational institutions.

  1. They Are Durable Yet Stylish

As it is glass, so it will not bend, break, or crack even if a student tries to do all these things intentionally. These are very powerful glass boards and hence remain durable for a very long period. Since these glass boards will have to face the pressure of elementary kids every day, it is important they can take all the hits and cracks and scratches that the kids try to put on them, and these glass boards are very well serving this purpose.

  1. Easily Movable From One Place to Another

Whether you want to fix the glass board to the wall or you want to keep it moveable so that you can move it around in the room, the glass board can do both. It is one of its advantages that it can be moved around very easily and safely.

  1. Lasts Longer

These glass boards last for the lifetime of the students. They will be seeing the same glass board from their kindergarten to their graduation and then on their 25 years reunion. The glass boards have a very long lifetime, and unlike the whiteboards, they retain their quality and remain as new as they were years before. Whiteboards need to be replaced every 3-5 years due to the staining and loosing of color, which increases the cost pressure on the school. Fab glass and mirror make high-quality glass boards that have a long lifetime, high quality, and great designs.

  1. Glass boards are easy to clean

The fact is that both whiteboards and glass boards are covered in bacteria after some time. However, observations and researches have shown that while traditionalwhiteboard soaked up all the bacteria and the bacteria lived in the whiteboard forever, the glass board, on the other hand, can be made 100% clean of the bacteria in just one cleaning. Since the glass boards are nonporous, they do not absorb anything and keep the kids safe from germs. Whiteboards absorb germs just like they absorb ink, and hence will always remain a constant source of germs for the kids for many years to come.

  1. Easy usage

The glass boards are easier to use as they are easier to clean. The only wipe is enough to make it clean and remove all the ink or chalk on the board. This ease of usage makes it very reliable for usage in medical intuitions where students require extensive study, and filling up registers is not a very good option.

The glass board can be used extensively, and it will remain new and shiny. In schools also since the usage of boards are so high, these glass boards prove to be highly efficient for the teachers to use.

Glass boards are exceptionally serving the educational and medical institutions. They are reviving the methods of studying and have made it much easier, faster, and more efficient.

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