Getting world class medical treatments in gurgaon

Gurgaon in India is one of the leading industrial hubs in India which is well-known for its IT, ITES, automobile, and other sectors which offer a wide range of job opportunities to many people from various parts. Not only that, it is becoming a popular one for healthcare services due to the emergence of multispecialty hospitals. Another thing is that they offer medical tourism services to international patients at cheaper prices thereby showing ways to save more money. Medanta Hospital Gurgaon aims at offering high-quality treatments to both domestic and international patients with the latest technologies enabling them to obtain optimal results. It covers a variety of services with highly qualified doctors, nurses, and staffs who help patients to focus more on their goals with high success rates.

About Medanta Hospital in Gurgaon

Medanta Hospital provides solutions for various health problems with the most advanced medical devices and procedures allowing g patients to ensure optimal results. It is the first hospital in India that follows robotic surgeries for cardiology, urology, and Gynaecology with cutting-edge applications. The hospital specializes in dental treatment, endocrinology, orthopaedics, vascular surgery, ophthalmology, nephrology, and many more. Moreover, it has the highest record of performing more than 500 living donor liver transplants, 15,000 cardiac surgeries, and knee replacements. It even won the best hospital award in 2010 and VC healthcare award in 2013.

The infrastructure of the hospital

The hospital built in 48 acres of land covers services to patients under 20 specialities which include 45 operation theatres. Furthermore, it has 1250 beds and 350 critical care labs with well-equipped facilities. For international patients, the hospital arranges international cuisine and international executive meetings during their stay. The laboratories in the hospital provide ways to generate reports with high accuracy.  In addition to that, it offers different types of treatment packages to international patients enabling them to select them accordingly. The hospital is just 18 km from the airport and 4km from the metro station and one can reach the same as soon as possible.

Facilities available in the hospital

The hospital offers excellent facilities to patients allowing patients to avoid discomforts and other problems. Some of them include free Wi-Fi, family accommodation, private rooms, dry cleaning, laundry, fitness centre, spa, beauty salon, cafe, special offer for group stays, phone in the room,  dedicated smoking areas, etc. Some other services include medical travel insurance, health insurance coordination, foreign currency exchange, and so on. Translation services are available for patients who are not able to understand English. It is near to hotels, restaurants, pharmacies, and shopping malls allowing patients to visit them anytime with ease.  A special diet is available for patients upon request that help to improve their health conditions significantly.

Medical consultations for patients

The hospital offers online consultations for patients enabling them to know more about services in detail. It even gives ways to transfer the medical records easily that can help to evaluate them with special attention. Besides that, it covers post-operative follow-up services to patients before performing surgery and other treatments. One can even fix his or her appointment online after having a discussion with the doctors.

Medical tourism services for patients

Medanta hospital is well-known for its medical tourism services and many international patients visit here for ensuring world-class services at low prices. However, it is necessary to know more about services in detail before making a trip to the hospital. There are many medical tourism websites which enable patients to gather more information about services to make a better decision. Patients can send their enquiries to the hospital directly through email for scheduling an appointment in advance.

Guidelines for international patients

International patients who want to undergo treatment in Medanta Hospital Gurgaon Doctor List, should send their medical records to a medical team. It will evaluate them with expert doctors and recommend a treatment based on them. In fact, the team will reply back to patients about the problems and the treatment services available for them in detail.  A physician will determine the date for surgery or other medical procedures after confirming with the patients. Patients should also submit and carry certain important documents while making a trip to the hospital which gives ways to overcome unwanted problems.

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