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Want the highest quality Scrum training? Now you can get the best Professional Scrum Master Training in Pune. The scrum training and programs are chosen by students so that they can learn to handle various complex business tasks easily. PSM training, provided by Xebia Academy provides complete training so that the students are able to use Scrum for managing everyday tasks.

Students are taught Scrum and Agile concepts along with team dynamics, team learning, resolution of conflicts and other important aspects.

The course is designed to challenge the students and to alter their thinking process in an effective manner to bring out the most positive results.


Though the training is spans just two days, the module is developed in such a manner that it conveys the basics as well as all the important information in an efficient manner.

1. The course is created so that you are well aware of the principles on which the foundation of Scrum is laid. The language is easy to understand and the curriculum covers the required information.

2. Professional Scrum Master Training in Pune will teach you about the framework of Scrum, different roles, artefacts, events, and how all of them contribute towards the delivery of a product. There are various teams that are self-functional as well as cross-functional. It is important to know where you fit in and what your job requires of you.

3. The training is conducted by renowned professionals and you get opportunities to work in big firms that offer good money for your skills.

4. You will get the chance to face problems and dig up solutions for real-life projects. These projects will test both your skill and knowledge.


After completing PSM training in Pune, you can work as a scrum master. A scrum master’s job is to educate all those who are under him/her about the working and functioning of the scrum. He/she is a servant-leader who acts as a coach for the rest of the team. Though the qualities of a good scrum master require that he/she abides by the rule book, a good leader also needs to be flexible and understanding. While remaining committed to the scrum foundations they should work towards improving the workflow and looking out for good opportunities that will benefit the team as a whole. The job of a scrum master is a demanding one. It takes time for one person to establish and diffuse responsibility and authority in the team.

They must work as board administrator of the scrum board, they should always be aware of the areas that require improvement and should work towards implementing those improvements.

Scrum Masters need to hold meetings with the stakeholders as well as talk amongst the team members and internal stakeholders and devise plans for the better working of the scrum team.

If you are looking for Professional Scrum Master Training in Pune then Xebia Academy is an ideal choice.

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