Future of mobile app development

The ever growing mobile app development industry is now managing to produce more products that live up to the expectations of a modern consumer. Mobile applications are now an essential part of digital strategy and the demand for mobile apps is increasing at a faster rate all around the globe. There are a million applications related to business, lifestyle, entertainment and education on demand on Google Play Store and the App Store. The increasing technological features in the area of mobile app development are becoming advanced day by day which is why new trends exist in the market.

Companies are striving hard to make certain advancements in the mobile app development world. A software development company in Dubai, for example, had to create mobile apps for clients to be able to reach their customers in real-time. Businesses in the modern world are effectively following the mobile trends for their marketing strategies. The future of mobile app development relies on new technological features introduced to create the best user experience.

Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality is the latest feature becoming more and more common in the app world. This approach has completely changed the game of regular applications and traditional gaming apps. AR provides users with the best user experience by displaying a natural reality-based view to them. Apple and Google are already taking advantage of AR as they have already launched their own augmented reality kits such as AR kit and AR core which helps the developers to create high-quality mobile applications. In the future, Augmented Reality is expected to be used on a great scale.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

The notion and expansion of computer system which is able to perform all your tasks persisting human intelligence such as speech recognition, decision making, visual perception and conducting translation between languages is what artificial intelligence is all about. This amazing feature has already been introduced in Apple as Siri and is conducting all such activities on your iPhone. It is further expected that artificial intelligence will soon be utilized for a wide range of activities. This feature is costly and only large scale companies can develop mobile applications with artificial intelligence. However, in the near future, it will be utilized greatly in mobile applications creating a better user experience within the apps.

Internet of things (IOT)

All the electronic smart objects such as LED light bulbs, toys, sports equipment, medical devices, and domestic appliances will be a part of the ‘internet of things’ and will communicate and be controlled using an application on a smartphone or tablet. Smartphones will be acting as a remote control, displaying and analyzing information, interfacing with social networks to monitor these smart objects and creating a much better user experience through smart phones.


M-commerce is the latest trend in purchasing items through your smartphones using a mobile application. The increasing popularity of Apple pay and Google Wallet will open the door for purchases using mobile phones instead of debit cards and credit cards. The app developers will be required to create a mobile application that can easily process transactions without the need of physical usage or presence of debit/credit cards or cash. Along with this, wearables will also be able to process payments giving M-commerce a new edge with utmost customer loyalty.


The blockchain is a new and modern technological feature that creates a digital account book of economic transactions which can be effectively programmed, recorded, and everything of value can be added in it.  With blockchain, every agreement, process, task, and payment would have a digital record along with a signature that can be identified. Individuals and organizations can freely transact and interact with each other causing little friction. Blockchain can efficiently record transactions between two parties avoiding mishaps happening in the dealing.  This technology is expected to become the next breakthrough.

Data and security applications

Securing your private data from unauthorized usage is what large scale companies, as well as individuals, look for. In the near future, the latest trends in this area are connected with blocking and two-factor authentications along with other methods that will significantly be used to increase data protection.

On-demand mobile applications

On-demand services are at a rise due to the advancement of technology. Using on-demand applications has caused ease to people all around the world as it is convenient and accessible everywhere. The on-demand applications are continuously improving and providing customers with better and faster service. Ordering food app, car cleaning app, cab service app, renting, and laundry service applications are categorized as on-demand applications. The modernized world is seeking to develop more of these applications in order to provide their customers with convenience and ease in their daily routine.

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