Factors you cant overlook when choosing an anniversary cake

Like other big occasions, anniversaries is one such occasion that strengthens the bond of a couple. Celebrating an anniversary is a reminder to your partner about how much you value your relationship. The couples choose to do different things on anniversaries. Some couples choose to go out to dinner at their favorite restaurants, some prefer to stay home, but one thing that stays common is the cake. A special occasion or celebration is incomplete without a beautiful cake. A cake makes any normal party more interesting and spreads happiness everywhere. It is a great way to express our emotions to your partner. If you are planning to throw a grand party to celebrate this special day, then, make sure you select the right one.

With so many flavors and innumerable prettier looking designs and shapes, choosing the best showstopper anniversary cakes would be a bit difficult task. In this post, you will come across the best ideas on how to pick the best anniversary cake and make the celebration memorable.

  • Choose by Flavor: Flavor of the cake is one of the most important factors. When the flavor is right, obviously, everything automatically will be aligned. If you are a friend of a couple and making a selection of a cake, make sure that the flavor you choose is preferred by both. The butterscotch cake can be the best option to choose, but, it may fail to impress them if they are a butterscotch hater.
  • You can go for chocolate cake, which is liked by almost everyone. You can either opt for Black Forest cake, Truffle cake or can even go for something much better like White Forest.
  • But, chocolate is not the end of the flavor. The Red Velvet cake is one of the best cakes to symbolize their pure love. The red color itself of the cake symbolizes love and compassion, thus, making a perfect anniversary choice.
  • To try with something different, you can also choose blueberry cake. This subtle flavor cake is really a good option for them who actually needs a break from regular ones.
  • Choose the Perfect Size: Do you want yourself to be the host of the party which runs out of the cake? Obviously not! A cake too big in size can never be a problem. Because a leftover cake can be consumed the next day. But, a cake too small to fit everyone’s plate can be quite embarrassing. Make sure that you choose the perfect size of the cake that suits perfectly to the party.
  • The Cake Shape: A heart shape cake can be a good option for wedding anniversaries. This cake is perfect enough if you want to surprise your friends. But, wait, this heart shape can only look good if it is for just a small gathering. Cutting this cake in front of 60 odd people can give an awkward feeling. In such instances, it’s better to order either two or three-tier cake or rectangular or square shaped cake.
  • Designer cakes are Good Option too: If you want to make your special day memorable, go for designer cakes. Make sure that you put enough of your time to decide the cake designs. A two-tier flower cake can work perfectly for this occasion. If you want to go for some creative designs, you can go for the one that has a beautiful picture of you two together.
  • If you think your wife is fond of cartoons or loves make-up, then, you can opt for cartoon character cake or make-up cake customized with all her make-up essentials.
  • If you are a wife gifting cake to your hubby, go for car-shaped cake or cake that define his interests in sports.

With innumerable designs and shapes of cakes online, choosing the best anniversary cake is more of a decision-making process so choose wisely.

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