Expo trade show marketing made quick and easy

Expos and trade shows can be great for growing a business but it takes care and effort to make the most of the possibilities. Trade show marketing is the key to success.

At most trade shows and expos visitors end up feeling overwhelmed by all the information and even if they shop with you directly or make a booking you’ll still want to be able to contact them again after the show to build a healthy business relationship with them.

I find this particularly true for shows where people are usually first time visitors like at a bridal expo or wedding expo. There are so many regular shows where this works for as well like the beauty expo, electronic expo, design expo, baby expo, health and fitness expo, pet expo, computer expo, scrapbook expo, travel expo, jamb expo, and of course world expo.

Having trade show promotions can be a great way to to this. I run a competition where I collect names and emails so after the show (within 1 – 2 weeks usually) I email them a newsletter announcing the expo trade show winners. This lets me showcase the business and the different areas such as being able to shop online, the online sale shopping area, jewelry party details and more.

I include lots of pictures of the jewelry so they remember me and become more familiar with the products. I also invite them to come shopping online, explaining how easy it is to home internet shop.

It is the prompt contacting and the calls to action that are powerful and bring the results. So be ready to make this happen by having as much as possible prepared before the expo season so you can just make it happen.

Yes, at expos you want to make sales and take bookings but what usually makes a trade show booth rental pay for itself and have a really profitable show is the follow up sales and bookings that come from being diligent about communicating and customer service with the customer database you build.

In terms of trade show marketing you’ll probably need a specific newsletter for each of the different expos you do. So I would have one for bridal expos, gardening expos, wholesale trade shows, craft trade show, fashion jewelry trade show, all the different shows I attend.

Now I have the first email newsletter designed for the initial expo I reuse it for new expos and trade shows simply by editing it with the current details. The product and site details stay constant so I enjoy the benefits of reuse rather than having to reinvent the wheel (newsletter) each time.

It is important to have pictures linked to the specific areas within the website that they represent because readers expect this and get frustrated when it doesn’t happen. So keep potential customers happy.

I probably spent about 3 hours making the initial email newsletter and for repeat shows I now spent less than 30 minutes updating it and sending it off. Of course the time for the entering the competition entries varies each show depending on the number of them but the more the merrier!

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