Explore saptarishikund trek to experience unexpected adorability of yamuna river

There is say that Nature is God. If so then you will witness it in the SaptarishiKund Trek undoubtedly. SaptarishiKund is where Yamuna River originates from the Champasar Glacier that’s situated in the Bandarpunch Mountain. The SaptarishiKund is well-known as Yamunotri plus the temple called Yamunotri reside over here. This temple is established to tribute the Yamuna River at the 10 km distance. Along with Champasar Glacier, water from all the glaciers will settle down in a lake that is popularly called SaptarishiKund. The water in this lake is pure and blue.

About SaptarishiKund Trek:

SaptarishiKund is located in the 500 meters in diameter and 4421 meters in altitude. That’s why this trekking is the hardest and challenging to do. The name Saptarishi implies seven holy sages namely Kasyapa, Atri, Bharadwaj, Vishwamitra, Gautama, Jamadagni and Vasistha according to Hindu Folklore. The name Kund means lake or the place where water gets stored. The SaptarishiKund is considered as the best holy place to visit. Plus the impressive amenity and glaciers enhance this spot even better. Also in this place, you can see the natural slate stones, rare Brahma lotus, and Blue Sapphires gemstones.

The white snow filled routes and dense forest of SaptarishiKund trekking make even an experienced trekker think before hiking. In such way, the majestic SaptarishiKund will be situated. However, this trekking never leaves you alone since all over the place that means in 5kms small camp reside. In case the climate is not fair and especially if there is windy weather you all set to take rest in the camp instead of risking.

Enchanting trekking:

Of course, this trekking will make you undergo the actual beauty of nature. In order to view that magnificence most of the trekkers boldly hike. By understanding this Government also make some improvement on the routes and roads. This makes trekkers to effortlessly hike on the SaptarishiKund. On the way to SaptarishiKund, you will spot various tiny villages such as Hanuman Chatti, NaradChatti, PhoolChatti, JankiChatti and many more. Its all located in varied altitude and situated on the way to Yamunotri. Once you head to hike then within 4 to 6 hours you will touch the feet of SaptarishiKund. Within 5 km away from the camp, you will reach the Kund. Plus you will meet different trekkers who aged differently as well. Therefore you will sense an unexpected trekking routeway.

The glory of SaptarishiKund:

In order to reach SaptarishiKund, you can use any sorts of transportation on your convenience. When you choose SaptarishiKund Trek then you will see an eye catchy scenic view of Yamuna and specifically the Himalayas. You can choose to hike this trek based on your choice but its dangerous when it is windy climate on SaptarishiKund. In such occasion try to be in the camp and start to hike after the climate falls normal.

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