Everything about child adoption visa subclass 102

What is Child Adoption Visa Subclass 102

Visa subclass 102 provides the opportunity to migrate the child who is adopted by parents who are already Australian citizen. The process associated with this visa is really tedious but possible.

The application is submitted by the parents on the child behalf and parents need to take all the sponsorship associated with children.


Eligibility criteria for the applicant for Visa Subclass 102:-


  1. The child adopted should be under 18 years of age.
  2. The child belongs to another country than Australia.
  3. The child should be adopted or in the process of adoption.
  4. The child should clear all the health requirement.

If the child is under 18 after the application is submitted but turned 18 before the visa is grant then visa subclass 102 application of that child is rejected.


Eligibility criteria for the adoptive parents for visa subclass 102:-

  1. You must be more than 18 years of age.
  2. You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
  3. You must have adopted child by following your country’s law and has been living outside Australia at least for 1 year.
  4. The application form must be filled by adoptive parents only.


This visa is kinda a risky thing so there are lots of processes involved for granting this visa and visa is only granted if it is the best interest of the child, the child who are less then 18 years of age.


Inclusion of family member in the application of visa subclass 102:-

  1. The applicant can involve their sibling in the same form.
  2. The applicant can also involve their dependent family member.


Benefits of Visa Subclass 102:-


  1. The applicant can live work and study for an indefinite time period.
  2. The applicant can sponsor another family member visa.
  3. The applicant leaves and revisits the visa until the period of five years.
  4. The applicant is eligible can apply for Australian citizenship.
  5. The applicant is eligible for Medicare or other health care schemes.


The application fees associated with this visa is almost AUD2,470.

The processing time associated with this visa is not available as this visa is all about the security of a child so it takes too much time to see that parents are capable to nurture this child or not.


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