Embossing vs debossing which is a better option for your business card and why

Are you planning to reach out to a wider audience in the most sophisticated way possible? Well, when it comes to making an impression in the first place and you are trying to spread your network, business cards can play a vital role for you. Old school, elegant and easy to carry, business cards are certainly still a useful solution for many.


When you are looking for the right design for business card printing, you will come across many options. A business card is a simple tiny piece of paper that will create a maximum impression if designed perfectly. For that, only the contact details of your brand are not enough. It also enhances the visual quality of the card so that it can get easily noticed. Now, if you are planning to do something unique, embossing and debossing can be a great and impactful option for you. Hence, take a look about these two ways of adding a character to your business card.


Embossing and Debossing

If you seek help from any reputable online printing company, you will get these two options, embossing and debossing, for your business card. Now, both of them are pretty popular in the current market. But it is necessary that you know which one should be the right option for you.


Embossing the Business Card

There are certain characteristics you can get if you are going for embossing while ordering online business card printing. These benefits are,

  • Design leaps from the paper which makes the card visually impressive and easily notable.
  • This style is easier for applying foil printing that adds up to the aesthetic appeal of your business card.
  • Adding the finest details in designing becomes easier when you are thinking of embossing your business card.


Debossing Your Business Card:

Similarly, debossing comes with its different set of characteristics too. These include,

  • It helps in creating 3D designs that offer depth in the printed product.
  • If you are planning to use ink in your business card printing, debossing can be a good option too.
  • Debossing is a much dominant looking design that is good for permanent designs and patterns.


Given the characteristics of embossing and debossing, we can come to the conclusion that when you are looking for the right option of the design before you are going for online business card printing, embossing can be the best option. Given any type of paper choice and budget, this will be easier to get. However, when you are choosing debossing, you will always have to opt for thick paper. This is the reason why debossing is a more popular option for printing on leather rather than paper.


Why You Should Get an Embossed Business Card Instead of a Standard One

Now, since it is something more than the standard design of the business card, you can rest assured that it will offer certain benefits. Take a look at the following benefits of the embossed business card before you hire online printing services.

  • An embossed business card will be comparatively more appealing visually. When you are handing the card to your potential consumers and associates, the design will certainly play a great role in impressing them.
  • The enhanced elegance of the card with the embossed design and foil printing will be a memorable and easily sharable printed tool that can sophistically help you in marketing your brand.
  • Your ultimate aim is to use your business cards for presenting your company or brand. When you are going for the embossed design of the business card, be rest assured, it will create a remarkable brand image.
  • When you can get such an impressive style at quite an affordable budget, it is obvious that it will be more beneficial for you.


So, now as you know about the embossed business card and why it will be beneficial for you, what are you waiting for? Hire a reputed company of online printing services and place your order. Make sure you are checking for BBB accreditation and online reviews.

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