Eliminate potential risks in business with the most popular cyber security standards

Looking to protect your business from cyber-attacks? Considering demonstrating compliance with main standards and legislation? Well, it is not that complicated as you might think. Well, you can kick-start with straightforward measures that can help you prevent even the most complicated tasks.

Cybersecurity standards are not only good for your information security; they also send a reassuring message to its customers. This webcast encompasses some of the most renowned cyber security standards, certificates, and regulations. All these standards are considered as the building blocks to enhance the cyber resilience and compliance of your business.

  • Cyber Essentials Scheme

Backed by the UK Government, Cyber Essentials aim at an organizational security standard that, if applied accurately, will safeguard businesses from most of the low level basic cyber threats.

Well, it is not only the giant organizations that are targeted by the cybercriminals. I own online business, you are a potential target too. For instance, if you are a supplier to the government, this cybersecurity standard is mandatory. Getting access to Cyber Essentials will reassure its customers that you consider cybersecurity seriously and you will get valuable certification too.

  • IASME Governance Standard

The IASME or Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises Governance Standard was introduced for small businesses and goes a step ahead than the Cyber Essentials Scheme. It is a highly credible cybersecurity standard and also comprises of a mandatory assessment against GDPR requirements.

The IASME standard enables you to demonstrate a meticulous approach to cybersecurity; something that might help businesses to participate in a government supply chain. Since smaller businesses are recognized as more of a threat to information security, having IASME may help you stand from your competition.

  • ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is an information risk management standard designed to provide guidance in the selection of required and adequate controls to safeguard data. It also aims at information security management and explains the information security policies, processes, and standards to be deployed by a business.

ISO 27001 provides businesses an apt level of information security protection and its certification ensures third parties and customers that the information they share with you will be protected anyhow.

  • Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM)

This cybersecurity standard is designed for cloud vendors to provide businesses a detailed understanding of cloud-related security concepts. The standard encircles three aspects like cloud architecture, governing in the cloud and operating in the cloud. It is also in sync with other industry accepted cyber security standards including the ISO 27001.

Offering a reliable and secure cloud service is imperative for cloud vendors to gain business visibility and CCM provides the required structure and transparency to the information security tailored to the cloud industry and enables you to enhance the information security control environments.

  • ISO 22301

It is an international standard to encourage business continuity management. It was developed to help you be ready for and lessen the impact of disruptions which are usually out of your control. Moreover, it will help you identify your crucial assets and place them in plans to make sure that those assets are easily available in the event of an incident.

It becomes very difficult for a business to continue its business operations smoothly in the event of any business disruption, but ISO 22301 not only helps your organization recover from a potentially major incident, but it also safeguards your reputation and revenue and assures customers that you have necessary standard measures in place.

Discovering the areas of risks in your business is a good base to choose the most appropriate cybersecurity standards to your needs. So go ahead and shield your business!

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