Ecg scan cost in chennai

An ECG is basically abbreviated as the electrocardiogram. An electrocardiogram is a test that gets conducted with the motive to calculate or measure the electrical activity of the heart. Through this test, the doctors get to know whether the heart is working normally or not. In this test, the rhythm of the heart and its activity got recorded on a paper in the form of a line. The specialist for the cardiologist can easily read and interpret the lines that get drawn on that paper. Additionally, it is very easy for the doctors to you understand any sort of abnormal or unusual activity happening in the heart of the patient.  Well, there are numerous ECG centres available in the country but if we consider the best once then we can easily state that in Chennai there are the best ECG scan centres available.

If you are residing in Chennai and willing to get your heart test then there is no need to roam towards a new city or any other City.  The ECG scans in Chennai provide the accurate results. Additionally, the best part is that the ECG scan cost in Chennai is also very affordable. As per the details available, the normal cost of the ECG test in Chennai starts from rupees 100.

What are the doctors get to know through the ECG test?

After conducting the Electrocardiogram test or we can say ECG test the doctor analyses the readings and get to know about several factors.  The factors or the activities that the doctor detects by doing the test at ECG scan Centre in Chennai include:

  • Whenever the Heart’s Blood Supply clogged up due to cholesterol
  • Any Past Heart Injury or attack
  • Whenever one side of the heart got enlarged
  • When the Heart Rhythms are abnormal.

ECG cost in Chennai varies from centre to centre. In greater Chennai corporation 6 Diagnostic centres are being functioned in which the public is checked for various Blood and urine investigation at free of cost. X-ray, ECG, ultrasonogram are the other Facilities offered free of cost in several ECG scan Centre in Chennai.

Types of ECG Tests at ECG scan Centre in Chennai

There are three types of ECG tests that get carried out at the ECG scan Centre in Chennai.  Following is the tests that can be carried out:

Resting ECG: Whenever the doctor is willing to test that how the Heartbeat of a patient is working when he is in resting mode then at that time he will ask the patient to lie down on the bed and relax and then the Heartbeat will get recorded. This type of test is known as Resting ECG.

Exercise ECG: Whenever the doctor is willing or interested in recording the heartbeat of the patient at the time when he is indulged in any sort of activity then he will be asked to run or walk on the exercise machine that is the treadmill or doing cycle or any other exercise. While doing such exercise the Heartbeat will get recorded. This process of recording the Heartbeat while doing any sort of activity is known as exercise ECG.

24- Hours ECG: Sometimes in order to analyze the whole situation in detail, the doctors suggested recording the Heartbeat of the patient for the whole day. In such a situation, the patient needs to wear a small electrocardiograph machine that records the heartbeats automatically. When the patient returns the machine the doctor automatically checks the readings.

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