Does repeated scaling damage our teeth

Deposits on gums can cause infection and loosening of the gums, so scaling is done by a dental professional. If not done on time it may lead to pyorrhoea and tooth loss. Teeth scaling is recommended once in six months. Scaling of teeth can also make gums swollen and tender. It can also put one susceptible to infections and diseases. Scaling can also be risky for diabetic patient and heart problems. But in general, scaling is a safe procedure to keep gums healthy and also does not damage the tooth surface in any way.

Brushing, flossing and dental cleanings will help in removing plague beneath the gum line and prevent more serious gum problems. Minimum of 4 millimeters of pockets needed scaling procedure. Plague built up also depends upon saliva, bacteria, and proteins in your mouth, also food you eat acids, sugars from food particles stick to teeth and form plaque.  The dentist will use metal instruments to scrape plaque from the tooth. Alternately he might use an ultrasonic instrument for scaling. The cost for scaling varies from dentist to dentist, from 100 to$1000. Scaling and bleaching of teeth cost are determined by the experience of dental surgeon too, as without knowing the actual structure of teeth one may not be of exact help. So better is if the oral surgeon or dental surgeon nearby is selected.

Built up of plaque cause Gingitivitis. Plaque is yellow color deposit of bacteria on teeth. This bacteria produces acid that destroys layers of enamel. If untreated the damage could be worse and permanent. Gingitivitis can also occur through hormonal changes, smoking, medications, bad oral habits, etc. There are various treatments for gum disease like scaling and polishing, flap surgery, gingival grafts surgery, root planning, bone grafts. Gingitivitis can also reoccur if proper oral care is not taken.

Anti-Gingitivitis and anti-plaque toothpaste contains fluoride which helps to make the teeth stronger and prevent any damage that bacteria’s cause. Bleeding gums should always be treated as soon as possible. Gingitivtis is a painless disease, so if any symptoms are seen you should go to the dentist immediately. Advanced gum treatment is performed by certified periodontists with international training.

An oral surgeon performs many types of surgical procedures in the face, mouth, and jaw area. They also treat victims of facial injuries and dental implant. Best oral surgeon near me is Clove dental. They have more than 300 clinics in India. Dental surgeon does makeovers your smile, by recontouring of teeth, gum depigmentation, bonding, porcelain or composite veneers, instant tooth whitening, etc. The oral surgeon also treat crooked teeth, spaces between teeth, missing teeth, chipped teeth, misaligned teeth, etc.

A dental surgeon has hi-tech dentistry for smile makeovers, dental implants, braces, laser dentistry, and also ensures flawless accuracy in diagnosis and treatment. They have received advanced training from across the world such as USA, UK, Germany, etc. Their work is guaranteed as it is unparalleled. They have an entire team to support each other hence there is less chance of any dental surgeon or oral surgeon unavailable. Dental surgeon follows strict international protocols. Considering the busy schedule of people, they have designed to perform maximum work in minimum time. Considering all these factors one should select the best oral surgeon.  

Advanced gum treatment should be treated by the best dental surgeon. In flap surgery, the gums are shifted back and the plague is removed. This method also reduces the area in which harmful bacteria grow and also reduces gaps between the gums and tooth. In bone grafts restores stability to teeth, serving as a place for the regrowth of bone. Soft tissue grafts fill in the areas where gums have retreated from the top of the mouth. Guided tissue regeneration arouses bone and tissue growth. Bone surgery makes the shallow craters in the bone smooth which makes harder bacteria to cultivate. For some patients, non- surgical procedure like scaling and polishing is required to get gum infection to be treated. Local anesthesia could be given before treating gum infection, later medication could be given to relax.  

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