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Don’t worry if your nails are looking not so nice because here is Gel Polish London that can make your nails amazing. There is a range of multiple colours and styles in the nail paints and gel polish available in the online shops. Choose the best one and buy it online sitting in your room. A large number of beauty products companies offering a variety of gel polishes to their customers at different rates.

Gel polish is the best option that can make your hands special with amazing nails that can impress anyone. It’s so good if you love to try new things in beauty products. Because everyday new designs and types of such products are coming in the market and breaking the beauty level of the previous ones. If you are looking for the best types of gel polish in London then you have come to the right place. This is because we have explained all the important types of gel polish that would help you to decide the best one for your beautiful nails.

Moving to the new world there are so many things that distinguish us from the old people. Gel polish is an important thing because it is an updated type of nail paint which is more thick, beautiful, and easy to remove. The advanced techniques have come to the market to apply and remove gel paints from sensitive nails.

Common Types of Nail & Gel Polish London

  • Crème
  • Metallic
  • Chrome
  • Gel
  • Pearl
  • Matte
  • Glitter


This is the most basic type of nail polish that has traditional nail paint formulas. We all have used this type of nail polish and still it is available in the market in the bundle of colours. Its slight shine and number of colours enable it to remain in the market. However, it is the most affordable type of nail polish.


There are different types of metallic nail polish in which mirror metallic nail polish, rose gold metallic nail polish, and gel metallic nail polish is important. The metallic nail polish looks like a real metallic shape of the nail as its shine makes the nail an artificial metal. It has a certain lustre that gives the shine like metal. This type of nail polish is very popular and common all over the UK, especially in London. The celebrities also use such a beautiful type of nail polish that gives an amazing shape and shines to their beautiful nails.


We all love to shine especially the shine in which we get different beautiful colours. Here is the chrome nail polish that gives such a beautiful and amazing look to our nails. It is the most common type of manicure items that the beauticians use in the manicures. The chrome nail polish covers the nail thoroughly and it looks like unreal from its amazing look. So colour your Barbie nails with this wonderful type of nail polish.


Gail paint is sometimes similar to the crème nail polish but it’s long lasting is more than the crème and it is also more expensive and chip-resistant. It was used for colouring the inside of the UV lamps. But now it has been used in the manicures as well as in the normal nail paints. Gel polish is one of the best nail paints that are available in unlimited types and colours. Red gel polish is an important type of Gel polish or gel nail paint.


Pearl nail polish is coming from the 90s because it is typically a natural type of nail polish containing pearlescent particles. These give a delicate shine to the polish for beautifying the nails with amazing colours and designs. Shell and white colours are very common in the pearl nail polish.


Matte is the shine free nail paint that only colours the nails. It looks so decent when the nails are beautifully coloured but there is not an unreal shine. Some people love to have shine free nail polish which is easily available in every beauty product shop online.


There are so many particles of glitter on the solid colour in different shapes like starts, square, heart, and pearls. This type of nail polish looks so beautiful and classic that often used in the stage shows and dramas as well.

Gel Nail Extensions London

If you don’t want to paint your nails or you don’t have long and beautiful nails at a specific time or event then gel nail extensions are here for you. Because the nail extension can be applied and removed within seconds that doesn’t affect your real nails. Moreover, you can colour any type of gel or another nail polish on the nail extensions. These extensions don’t look unreal because the beauty product companies produce the best quality extensions for their customers.

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