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CliC magnetic eyewear became very famous with the hit TV show CSI: New York. They are now sold the world over in various frame designs, lenses and exciting colors. These glasses have made the chain around the neck glasses obsolete. CliC magnetic eyewear is popular due to its high functionality and comfort. It lends the type of unique looks that people like to fashion.

At the bridge of the nose, there is the magnetic front connection and there is also the flexible form-fitting headband which prevents it from falling. It is made to fit all head sizes. Many people only need to wear their glasses while reading and they do not want to take them off altogether. They hang it around their neck and use it as and when required. While you are conducting a business meeting the CliC glasses will look more professional as compared to a chain hanging around the neck. Same goes for librarians that work in colleges and universities or city libraries. They too can gain a more professional look by using the CliC magnetic eyewear.
The best thing about CliC glasses is that users can never lose them. You do not have to totally part with the eyewear while you are out of the house. With CliC you will never have to drive back to the restaurant looking for your glasses or drive back to your friend’s house to pick them up. Sometimes people switch between reading glasses and sunglasses. They slide a pair in their hip pocket and forget to take it out before taking a seat. As a result, the glasses get crushed with their weight and they have to get new ones made. With CliC you will never have such a bad experience.

You can find readers and sunglasses in single vision, bifocal and trifocal lenses. There are many tints and coatings that you can choose from. These will helps you with driving and your type of sports activity. Modern lenses are designed to filter out light and give you better vision clarity on reflective surfaces like snow, road, and water. If you play golf, get the Golf Tint lens that boosts the contrast between shadows and highlights. This will allow you to see even more clearly during tee time.

There is a funky rainbow of colors offered online to match your outfits. When you buy online you also get to save a lot of money. Many distributors offer huge discounts on designer brands. These are all genuine glasses and will be shipped to you free of cost. These days, designer eyewear brands are the ultimate accessory for those who want to stand out of the crowd.

This summer make a fashion statement by wearing the latest designer frames. Many people like to use magnetic clip-on under the sun. It can be a hassle at times to fix the clip-on while you are on the go. The clips have to be attached at the bridge or on the side of the lenses. CliC reading sunglasses serve as a good alternative. They are very affordable and look classy. Get a durable frame with trendy lens colors. It takes only a week to make the prescription lenses and fit them in your chosen frame. The custom orders are delivered within 7 days. The reading sunglasses will eliminate the need to switch between reading glasses and sunglasses. It is good to choose the lenses that go well with your complexion and look good with the prescription glasses frames.

Before you use the clip-on or CliC magnetic eyewear it is good to get doctor’s advice if you have any heart health issues. The magnet used in it can be bad for you if you use a pacemaker or implantable cardioverter defibrillators. These cardiac devices do not function well with magnets around.

In summers we all get a sweaty face and in such a scenario when we bend down the glasses can fall off. Those who go fishing often have to look down in the water. CliC will never slide down and fall when you are fishing or playing. During summers people like to go out to the beach inside and play beach ball. You can engage in all sorts of physical activity knowing your glasses will not slip and fall no matter how fast you run or how high you jump.

Get the polarized, UV-resistant, or prescriptive sunglasses to keep eyes comfortable when outdoors. Wearing sunglasses prevents headaches and eye fatigue. The polarized lenses are very popular due to their ability to eliminate glare. When you get frames and lenses make sure they are lightweight. This way you add lesser load to your nose and face. The plastic lenses are far better than actual glass. The frame needs to suit your face cut as well. So check online for style guidance before you decide what to buy.

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