Christmas tree buying guide for large rooms

Choosing a Christmas tree is easy if you choose it according to your taste. But you also have to consider whether that Christmas tree will fit your home. While we all know that a huge Christmas tree overwhelms a small apartment, most people find the larger rooms of modern houses hard to decorate. An artificial Christmas tree that is too small can get swallowed in a large room, but there are ways to make this work. You can also use articficial tree many time if you use plastic christmas tree storage box. There are many things to take into consideration when choosing the right artificial Christmas tree for a big home.

Finding the Right Tree Size for Your Room

  • Identify the size of your room and how much space you can allot for the tree.A room with a ceiling height of 8 ft and 250 x 250 square feet of space favorable area for a large Christmas tree. For a smaller room, choose a tree that works on a table or can stand alone on a corner without taking up too much space. Artificial trees are perfect for this, allowing consumers to purchase half trees, thin trees, and many other convenient variations on the traditional form.
  • Know the height of the tree you want. There are many size options for Christmas trees, from 1-foot trees to 30-foot trees. Make sure to know the height of your ceiling in the room you want to put the tree in, and the clearance you need between the ceiling and top of the tree. Also consider the height of your tree toppers, the tree stand and any kind of base you will use.

Christmas Tree Options for Big Rooms

Large—Choosing a large pre-lit Christmas tree for large rooms is a reasonable option. Since you have the space, why not use it? However, using the space means using it wisely. A general rule of thumb is to pair up large trees with smaller ones, creating depth in your design and filling the space. Large trees can also stand alone, filling rooms with their strong presence.

Medium—Medium sized trees fit medium sized rooms, but can be used in large rooms for a less grandiose approach to decorating. These are standard trees that can go in almost any home, about 7-9 feet tall. Filling a room with a medium size tree is easy if you follow the two tips above. As with large trees, medium sized artificial Christmas trees can be paired with smaller ones to fill in gaps.

Small—Miniature Christmas trees are a fun option to bring Christmas to every area in your house. Aside from helping large and medium trees fill a big room, you can place them on shelves and tables, or in groups in corners to add some cheer.

Filling a large room with Christmas spirit is an easy task if you make a plan and stick to it. Before you begin, think about what you already have stored away and what you’ll need to buy. Sketch or write out a design plan—decide if you want to use a variety of sizes or one size, where they will go, and how they will look. But most importantly, have fun!

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