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After the flood water extraction is as important as water damage restoration learn how

Today we are going to learn together how to clean a flooded basement with water extraction or water removal process. Why water damage restoration is important? Because, after the heavy flood in our house or colony, the socio-economic lifestyle comes to an end. There are property loss and damages. Th [...]

Watch live results of telugu states assembly and general elections on may 23rd on yupptv

Assembly Elections in Andhra Pradesh took place on April 11th, 2019. Andhra Pradesh Election has been the talk of both Telugu states and the National media for quite some time. The entry of Tollywood Actor Pawan Kalyan into Politics, the long-running opposition leader YS Jagan’s rigo [...]

Pf withdrawal everything you need to know about pf balance check rules status

As an employee of an organisation, it’s likely that you have an Employee Provident Fund account. This is a government scheme that helps you build a substantial corpus over your working years, as both you and your employer contribute to it each month. Currently, you receive 8.60% interest on your E [...]

Promoting community events

Community events present a great opportunity for people to come together. From festivals and sports to activities and 5ks community, events have a huge range on which it can be based. But with so many events and activities going on around, it can be challenging to make your event stand out.  Herein [...]

How these simple railway exam preparation tips helped me succeed railway recruitment 2019 apply online

Indian railways undertake annual mass recruitment of the unemployed graduates in India. With it comes a series of activities for both online and offline job application. Candidates have to earn credit for RRB job selection, which makes the recruiting process evenmore complicated. Bette [...]

Consider the best mobile phone radiation protection from emf radiation

EMF and RF radiation is a manmade disaster that’s waiting to wipe out the planet! From causing DNA damage to increased risk of cancer, EMF radiation tap into every natural process in our body and tries to modify it in some way! You must be wondering how harmful this invisible illness is. Here [...]

5 efficient tips for android app developers who are porting over ios apps

Nowadays, having an app on the single operating system does not assure the success of a business. Apple’s iOS is very popular among the people in the US, but if we see worldwide statistics, then Google’s Android is the market leader. For more insights about the iOS and Android platforms, take a [...]

What are the pros and cons of a fixed interest rate on a mortgage loan

The Indian financial market allows a borrower to lend a certain amount of credit either at a fixed, or a floating rate of interest. Both these types come with their unique advantages and disadvantages. Borrowers must understand both and decide accordingly. The Marginal Cost of fund bas [...]