Building your fintech sacco or financial service

Technology gave the world a digital space where everything can be accessible in a simple way. Financial technology is amongst the solution brought by technology. With Fintech we will be able to get financial services in a modern and convenient way. Companies can use Fintech for their financial accounting for tracking company financial transactions and proper storage of data where can be accessed anywhere in the world.

Fintech also simplifies the way we were doing business. Now we can send and receive money quickly, and easily from anywhere in the world. Retailers are the first group to benefit from Fintech product. They sell more products online compared with in-store sales. Online payment helps retailers to sell more online and customer to get what they want without moving a leg.

Fintech companies are doing a great job to innovate and create different products that can help people on getting reliable financial service. Financial service is dealing with people’s money. To gain people’s trust, you must have a secure platform that can guarantee the safety of their money. In Kenya, there are many Fintech companies with different products, but Finserve Africa is the most trusted company in Kenya. We have various financial solutions, JengaAPI is amongst the powerful API we are proud to build.

JengaAPI is one API with multiple APIs and functions. When you have JengaAPI, you won’t need any API integration. With JengaAPI you will be able to receive payments made by debit cards like Visa and AMEX, digital wallets like Paypal and WeChat Pay. Mobile money prefered by many people is African with JengaAPI you will be able to receive payment from Tigo Pesa, M-Pesa, Airtel Money, MTN and Equitel. Jenga API uses special rails that allow real-time money transfer from one bank account to another. Jenga API will member of your SACOSS to send their contributions comfortably and conveniently.

Sending money can be done quickly on your Jenga API interface. You can send money to six countries in Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, and DRC). In all these countries Jenga has established its roots. Pay them in their preference whether it mobile money, card or bank transfer. JengaAPI will help you to handle multiple payments you will be able to send money to single or multiple recipients on a single click. Pay your employees and suppliers on time with JengaAPI.

Invoices can be paid and managed on one dashboard. JengaAPI gives you a dashboard to manage multiple bills from different sources. You will be able to view and track bills from M-Pesa, Airtel, MTN, Tigo and Equitel on your dashboard. We partnered with Equity Bank to give you additional capabilities on your JengaAPI, such as working capital and loan advances and instant settlements.

Increase your customer base by allowing the EazzyPay users to pay for products on your eCommerce. You will be able to acquire new customers from the pool of 12 million customers of EazzyPay.

With JengAPI you will be able to generate more income by selling airtime. The API is integrated billing platforms in six countries in East Africa. Each time your user purchase airtime from JengaAPi you will get a commission.

You can give loan to your customers and extend with enough data and insight ( Credit Reference Bureau) that will help you to make the right decisions. JengaAPI Credit Score will help your SACOSS or financial institute to give loan to a member by analysing his/her ability to pay back.

As we said, dealing with people’s money requires a high degree of trust. JengaAPI has integrated into the registrar of persons and other national and international databases to ensure you can validate and perform adequate customer due diligence before allowing them to use your service. With partnerships in the local and international banking, law enforcement and government space, JengaAPI provides an API, in certain countries that have a central database, with the ability to perform a check on a person’s identity.

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