Best hair removal methods for smooth sexy skin

With the warmer season fast upon us, we all are getting ready for the cute skirts, sundresses, stylish shorts, fabulous swimsuits, and strappy sandals. These trendy togs demand that we get rid of that unwanted hair in the best way possible. Do you have sensitive skin? Try using one of these three best hair removal methods. You’ll be happy with smooth, sexy skin!

Best Shaving Method

Most of us have been shaving since we were barely teenagers. Although we all know how to shave, always try to make sure to use the best practices to shave. Shop around until you find the best razor for you that gives you the smoothest shave and make sure to replace the blade frequently.

When shaving, thoroughly wet legs and use a shaving cream or gel that is rich and moisturizing. Once you are finished, saturate your skin with your favorite moisturizer to help replenish skin and make it silky smooth. If you do experience those horrible red bumps, consider an ingrown hair treatment that will help reduce ingrown hairs.

Hair Inhibitors

Hair Inhibitors are an easy and simple way to remove unwanted hair. They are designed to help slow unwanted hair growth by actually weakening the root of the hair. The best and most efficient way to use a hair inhibitor is after waxing or after using an epilator. This will allow penetration directly into pores and provide maximum results. You can find wonderful inhibitors available in lotion or spray forms so that you can use which will work best for you.

Plucking Hair or Tweezing

Yes, we all do it. Whether in regards to our eyebrows, our lip line, or under our chin, we all have or will tweeze. Tweezing is very effective in hair removal because each hair is plucked out by the root. Although this is perfect for the hair removal, it is only best used in very small and finite areas. In order to get the most out of the time you will spend tweezing, always make sure to invest in good quality tweezers.

Also, try applying a warm wash cloth to the area before tweezing, which will allow your pours to open more. A little tweezing tip is to make sure to grasp the hair as close to the root as possible. Contrary to popular belief and all that we have seen, slowly pull the hair out from the skin rather than a good yank with the wrist. This will help to prevent the hair from breaking and, thus, lead to bumps or ingrown hairs. In smaller areas requiring shaping, tweezing can be one of the best and least expensive methods of effective hair removal. You can also try eyebrow threading if you’d prefer to remove hair without using tweezers.

We all want to look and feel our best this season and one of the best ways to do that is to have smooth, silky, and sexy skin! By using these best hair removal methods, your skin will be sensual, soft, and sleek to the touch. What better way to look and feel sexy!

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