Benefits of having good levels of growth hormone

Just a week ago, we started this series of articles with a short introduction to explain what growth hormone was. Once we know what it means, today we focus on knowing the benefits of having good levels and in future articles we will talk about how it works and the formulas that exist to increase it naturally.

Unfortunately, the natural production of this hormone decreases as we get older. From the age of 25-30 the levels begin to fall. To give you an idea, at 25 years old HGH levels are around 600ug and at 60 years old if the appropriate measures are not taken they can be at 100ug. But, if we manage to have good levels, we can take advantage of the benefits it brings us for many years.

Delays the effects of aging on the skin

It has been shown that this hormone is the main cause of the change in the condition of the skin as we age. If we have good levels, the production of elastin and collagen will be high. These proteins promote the elasticity of the skin and guarantee a younger skin. It also helps in the delay of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and pigmentation.

It helps to maintain the weight

When aging begins, the metabolism decreases if we do not take the appropriate measures. I get tired of seeing people who have always maintained acceptable percentages of fat as they gain fat as the years pass while still maintaining the same lifestyle. With age, the ability to burn fat from the body becomes weaker, but if we have good hormone levels it is possible that we maintain that capacity intact for years.

Increases muscle mass

By having good levels of HGH, we will make it easier to gain muscle since we will have more muscle cells.

Strongest immune system

Adequate levels of HGH in the body lead to a more reinforced immune system thanks to a high level of white blood cells. This makes the body have a more effective response against any attack by external agents.

Increase energy and vitality

HGH makes it easier to burn glucose with fat. Therefore, not only will it help us keep the line but we will see ourselves with more assets and with more strength to face the challenges of life.

Keep the memory

Over time, brain cells die. If we have good levels of HGH, these cells can be replaced by others in a quicker and easier way, which will delay cognitive deterioration. If you want to buy hgh injections, you can get genotropin 36 iu from online providers out there.

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