Battling with cancer know its causes and treatments

Doctors and fitness enthusiasts suggests that a healthy body is a combination of healthy diet, mind and bit of regular exercises. Not just it helps to keep us fit and fresh, but it also acts as a shield against diseases. Obese people or the ones who take unwanted stress, eat outside more often, have very less or zero physical activity are more prone to life threatening diseases. It’s better to take preventions beforehand or else harsh consequences have to be faced. Despite of the measures one such uncontrollable disease is Cancer, a term that doesn’t need much introduction as most of us are well aware of it. Its best treatment is available in top cancer hospitals in India.

The basic functioning of body depends on formation of cells and the destruction of old ones to create new. Cancer occurs when there is uncontrollable growth of cells leading to formation of tumour. A malignant tumour is which grows and spreads to other body parts while benign is that grows and doesn’t spread.

Causes –

  • Exposure to harmful radiations ( UV rays)
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • No physical activity
  • Improper diet intake
  • Genetic factors

Depending on the type and stage, it can be preventable.

There are around 100+ types of cancer such as bladder, breast, kidney, leukaemia, lung etc. and after the diagnosis and condition of the patient, doctor describes the treatment. Although there are no such fixed symptoms of cancer yet if one faces irregular behaviour in body, then screening through doctor should be done. The symptoms and signs of cancer includes –  Nausea, blood in urine, pain while urinating, headaches, hearing problems, unwanted fatigue, changes in appetite, etc. It’s better not to linger on after witnessing these signs and rush to a doctor. Early detection of the disease helps in long term and effective treatment.  The doctors’ first approach towards diagnosis is physical exam with just noticing the changes in body. Next is noticing the blood and urine parameters and changes in white blood cells count for further investigation. For detailed study and obtain an idea about the affected areas PET , CT, MRI, X Ray or ultrasound is carried out. Last but not the least is biopsy in which a part of affect area is taken out and sent in the laboratory for testing. Not every kind of cancer requires biopsy; it depends on location and extent.

Cancer Treatment

There are many treatments available to treat it depending on stage and location. As per the condition and adaptability there can be one treatment or combination of two.

  • Surgery- It involves the removal of cancer by taking it out from body. The patient is given anaesthesia to bear less pain. It can be open surgery or minimal invasive one.
  • Radiation Therapy- It involves application of radiations to kill cancer cells. The kind of dosage or radiation given is governed by factors of the kind of tumour, the location, general health and medical condition. The outcomes of therapy can be observed after weeks so not to expect immediate results.
  • Chemotherapy- It involves injecting cancer destroying drugs in the body. It lessens the growth and stops its production in future. It has proven to do wonders for patients but as it is said good things come with a price, it has side effects too- loss of hair is the most prominent one, but it regrows after its finished, nausea, mild headaches and fatigue. On the day of chemotherapy doctors suggests adequate rest, intake of fluids and protein and iron rich balanced diet.

The patients suffering from cancer are shooting every year and so is the number of cancer speciality hospitals. For a disease like this no one gives a second thought and opts for the best treatment. Those who cannot afford can undertake treatments from government hospitals which have good facilities too. Undoubtedly, the treatment costs a fortune and affects the patient and its family financially and emotionally and for that, one must choose from top oncology hospitals in India. All the metro cities have well-established cancer research institutes and hospitals which have the best experienced doctors. People suffering from this menacing disease should not lose hope as miracles do happen and positivity will help throughout.

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