B1 test for citizenship and immigration

B1 Test

Numerous companies are providing high-quality services which help you to improve your English and clear your B1 test. In this test, English language speaking and writing is an important part, if you want to get a permanent resident or citizenship. This is a compulsory test which every individual need to pass, to supply the result as proof of your English language abilities in your application. All you need is to send the details of your language test results together with confirmation of the outcome, as a part of the application.

There are hundreds and thousands of people who are taking speaking and listening test for visas, each year, but nobody who takes the test eventually passes. It is a bit expensive for the people who get fail in the test or need to retake the exam. However, if you understand want you to need to do, then prepare yourself and practice daily, then you can be confident that you inevitably pass your first B1 time in just first attempt.

What Is The Main Structure Of The B1 Test?

Usually, a B1 level is an English test, which is required BY UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) for those people who need to prove their knowledge of English for citizenship or indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

The text is usually 20 minutes long; two candidates sit together with an expert examiner. Typically, the examiner asks several questions on a different topic including home, work, family, school, personal interest and hobbies to both candidates. Furthermore, the examiner can direct the conversation, and the candidate needs to talk about the different subject to the examiner and each other. The candidates must have asked each other two to three questions.

How Much Time Do Test Results Take?

After you are done with your B1 test, you receive the result within 10-14 working days. For premium or emergency services, you have to pay an additional fee, and you receive your results within 5 to 6 working days.

What Can You Do With Your B1 Test?

The B1 test of English might be sufficient for interactions with English Speakers on a familiar topic. People in the B1 level of English can read simple report o familiar topics and write simple e-mails on subjects of their field. However, this test is not adequate to function adequately in the workplace in English.

According to an official guideline, people at B1 level;

  • Can understand the main points of standard input on several familiar matters regularly encountered in workplace school, leisure, etc.
  • Produce simple connected text on familiar or personal interest topics.
  • Can efficiently deal circumstances likely to arise while travelling in an area where the language is spoken.
  • Describe experience, dreams, hopes, ambition and explain your plans.

Brief Test English Skills

Regardless, your official can-do statements usually break down into small chunks for teaching purpose. These specific skills may breakdown, which help you to assess your level of English or help teachers to access student levels and abilities. For example, in B1 English test you can do all the things that an A2 level students can do, also, you can;

  • Discuss your professional as well as personal dreams for your future
  • Arrange a job interview and interview for a job in your areas of expertise
  • Talk about your favourite programmes and television viewing habits
  • Describe your qualification and plans
  • Talk about your favourite songs and music trends
  • Talk about how you can maintain your healthy lifestyle give or get some healthy lifestyle tips
  • Speak about your relationships including people you meet through social media
  • Your participation in negotiation in the area of your expertise
  • Discuss workplace safety issues, explain rules and report an injury
  • Discuss how to respond to impolite behaviour appropriately

Although the process entirely depends on the types of courses and individuals, students can expect to reach B1 test booking with 400 hours of cumulative instructions.

Can People Use Their Old Qualification If You Are Already In The UK On A Visa?

Some test qualification, such as IELTS for UKVI, can last only for two years. But some professional home office services advise that you might be able to use your B1 test qualification that took more than two years ago in only two situations, including;

Applying For Citizenship

If you are applying for citizenship, then you can use your B1 test qualification taken more than two years ago. However, your education was accepted when you settle in the UK.

Apply To Settle Down In The UK

You can also utilise your B1 test education taken more than two years ago, in case you are applying to settle in the UK. Moreover, your qualification was accepted for another UK immigration application, for example, when you got permission to enter.

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