All that a recruiter must know about a recruitment software

Recruitment software is a recruiter’s best friend at work. It doesn’t just help in sourcing but also managing the candidate database and doing much more. However, for those companies who have still not started using robust recruitment software are continuing to be oblivion to many of the things related to recruitment.

So, in this blog, we walk you through the basics of recruitment software that are essential for a recruiter to know. Let us begin.

What is a recruitment software?

A recruitment software is a software or a set of tools for recruiters, hiring managers and talent acquisition professionals to automate and manage parts of recruitment flow. This includes sourcing, screening, selecting, interviewing, etc.

What are the basic things a recruitment software should have?

The basic functionalities are SaaS, integration and mobile application. Apart from the software being on the cloud, the integration should also be impeccable. Apart from this, a glitch-free mobile application is also necessary. The software should also be scalable.

What are the tools that a recruitment software should have?

The software should have an applicant tracking system (ATS), interviewing software, and candidate relationship management (CRM). One helps in sourcing, one in managing and the other one is screening.

How to pick the right software?

There are certain things that you should keep in mind while picking a recruitment software

  • Know and be able to define the problem you are willing to solve.
  • Choose software that doesn’t complicate your job.
  • The software should be integrated with the current tools.
  • See the ROI of the software with a result associated with the business.

What are the innovations in the recruitment software?

Automated resume screening using AI, talent rediscovery software, blind hiring methods are a few of the innovations.

How will the role of recruiters change?
The software will change the role of a recruiter even more. Earlier, the recruiters used to manage everything manually. Now, they can leave the sourcing part to the software and invest more time in aligning the interviews, selecting the best candidate and extending an offer letter. In the coming time, the recruiter would also not need to take the interview. AI will make it possible to conduct interviews using technology. This and some other advancements will help the recruiter is saving time to strategise talent acquisition and come up with better plans for selecting the best candidate.

Here is how the recruiter’s role will get a facelift.

  • Speed up the screening process-
    The screening process will fasten up as AI will automate this process as well. According to research, this will save up to 38% of the time.
  • Reduce unconscious bias-
    We, humans, tend to get bias while doing recruitment but with AI in recruitment will end the bias. Most importantly, AI will at least, if not anything then end the gender bias.
  • Recruiter will become a talent advisor-
    The role will transform into that of a talent advisor. When the recruiters will not invest time in doing administrative tasks, they will be able to invest time in coming up with recruitment initiatives.

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