9 best places in the usa which you must visit with your friends

The United States ranks in one of the largest countries in the world. If you like the cold, the heat, the snow, the desert, trendy cities, quieter places, beaches, road trips, trails – all you can find in the country because the diversity of tourist attractions to know is immense.

If you already have a US visa and tickets to the US, plan to visit some of America’s must-see places. Rent a car and explore all these beauties up close. It turns out that there are many places surreal enough for you to know without having to cross the planet.

Just buy airline tickets to the United States and prepare to create fascinating itineraries. Do you know how you can buy Tomorrow land tickets online? Don’t you believe it? So take a look at these must-see destinations.

Giant Hot Spring – Yellowstone National Park – Wyoming

This nature-created beauty is the largest source of hot water you’ll find in the United States, and the third-largest in the world, behind just one from New Zealand, specifically Frying Pan Lake, and another from Dominica, Boiling Lake.

The colours of the source water come from the pigmented bacteria in the waters, where unfortunately it is not possible to dive. But, you can go around embroidering and take really nice pictures.

Ponytail Waterfall – Yosemite National Park – California

This seasonal waterfall in Yosemite will remind you of Lord of the Rings Mobdro, but don’t worry: the reddish glow of the waterfall is just the reflection of the sun on the water. There’s nothing incandescent there. This rare and incredible phenomenon occurs specifically in two weeks of February, and the sky must be clear. 

Fly Geyser – Nevada

Rent a car and drive for just over two hours to get to the Fly Geyser. This geyser emerged after drilling in the ground to find geothermal energy sources in 1964. Minerals sprang from the hole and created this wonderfully strange formation. Fly Geyser is privately owned, so don’t try to climb the high fences that protect it. 

Mono Lake – California

As soon as you spot Mono Lake in person, you will feel like you are on another planet. Snow-capped mountains surround this salty blue lake that has much of Tufa, limestone column resulting from the salinity of the water.

The Wave – Arizona

It took millions of years for the winds to erode the Navajo sandstone in Arizona’sPraia Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs desert, and then this risky undulating formation would emerge. You will feel that you have reached to tomorrow land

Glass Beach – Fort Bragg – California

Let us return to the not-so-glorious times of the first decade of the 1900s when residents threw all kinds of household waste along the cliffs and onto Fort Bragg Beach, 276 km from San Francisco.

A few decades passed and the only things the Pacific Ocean did not take away were glass and ceramics, which after years of erosion took the form of very different stones.

Aurora Borealis – Alaska

The Northern Lights will make your jaw drop as soon as you catch a glimpse of this spectacle. To experience this unique moment in the United States, the tip is to book a trip to see cities like Fairbanks or Anchorage, between September and April. You have seen them so far in the books. Now it’s time to witness it.

Sequoia National Park – California

Beside these giant trees, you will surely feel tiny, as small as you have never felt before. This is because the redwoods can reach a height equivalent to the length of a football field. The largest of these is the General Sherman Tree, nearly 100 meters high and about 2,500 years old.

New York

You have come to America, but did not take a glimpse of New York – it is definitely not American tour. New York is the darling of most people who visit the United States. Lovingly nicknamed the “Big Apple,” New York attracts both young and old alike.

These are attractions for all tastes such as museums, theatres, Broadway shows, parks and more. Washington DC is the capital of the United States and home to the famous White House.

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