8 fun balloons games ideas for kids birthday party

Birthday parties require proper planning and more importantly, a proper theme. Ever thought about balloons being a theme? No? Then it’s time that you do because there are many things that you can do with balloons. How? Read on to find out more.

1. Painting with a balloon:

Painting with balloons could be a very fun activity! It is simple but quite effective to spread happiness! Have some colors into a big plate and place some large sheets of white paper around it. Either give the kids already inflated balloons, or tell them to fill up their balloons at the place, and tell them to wild! Tell them to paint on the paper with the balloons and watch them all stumble and struggle with the paint, but still have fun!

2. Drawing on balloons:

Balloons can be used for painting – that we already saw. But how about painting – or rather drawing – on the balloon itself? Have some color pens or sketch pens around, so that they can draw on the balloons, to their heart content. The one who draws most accurately, without bursting their balloon would be the winner. Has something decided as a gift for him or her? This activity is something that the kids will love, surely and absolutely!

3. Balloon Ball Pit:

By far the best idea, it will be something the kids will look forward to! You have heard of a ball pit – now be ready for a balloon-ball pit! Get a proper plastic, inflatable bathtub, and fill the length and breadth of it with balls and balloons. If these are Happy Birthday Balloons, then even better. Tell the gathered kids to hop in this giant fun area and it will be a fast and easy favorite party corner.

4. Water Balloons Piñatas:

Piñatas are something that all kids love to burst. There have always been piñatas made with paper and other similar things, but this time, you’ll have a piñata all right, but of water balloons! It would be trickier, as the balloons will be filled with water. It’ll be a great idea to engage the children, especially the older kids, in an activity as fun and engrossing as this.

5. Balloon Darts:

Darts are fun – the excitement you get to throw darts on the board equals nothing. You can fill the balloons with candy and treats for this little game. Tell them to throw darts at the stuck balloons on the board, and then have fun. The one who annihilates most of the balloons in less of the darts would win the game!

6. Giant Ker-Plunk:

Ker-plunk with a twist! If the kids around don’t know how to play Ker-plunk, then you will have to first explain it to them – and then tell them about how you are going to replace the main stuff with balloons! It will literally elicit hours of yard-play fun. Use the balloons of the same size, to ensure that the game can be played smoothly.

7. Pop the Balloon:

Popping the balloons have always been every child’s favorite game. Ensure to have some sturdy balloon delivery at your home, inflate them, and gather them around. On the day of this balloon party, tell the kids to pop them up! Yes, that’s right – tell them to pull the air out of these beautiful balloons. Have a chair arranged, and place a balloon on the chair, and tell the kids to sit on it. The one who bursts the balloon will be declared as the winner.

8. Catch the Balloon:

Now, you may be familiar with the game, ‘catch the ball’. We’ll add a twist to this game, by replacing the ball with a balloon. All you have to do is toss the balloon in the air, and tell anyone in the group to catch the balloon, especially before the balloon hits the ground. If he catches the balloon, tell him to toss the balloon in the air again. Continue the game as long as the kids have fun – and they will, that’s guaranteed.

Some of these ideas are even simpler than the rest. Make sure that you incorporate the ideas which will make the kids have absolute, proper fun!

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