6 vital steps for choosing the best divorce attorney

Once you have made the difficult decision to separate from your partner, the next step is to find a good lawyer. Everyone wants to hire the best divorce attorney to handle their case but very few people know how to search for good professionals. There are a couple of things that most of us are aware of like choosing a counsel who specializes in family law or finding an adviser in our geographical location. For instance, a person in Fort Pierce will look for a divorce attorney in and around that specific Floridan city. The selection of the professional can impact the outcome of your case. Let’s take a look at some suggestions to find the best lawyer for your divorce case.

1. Identify A Suitable Divorce Process

Before you start searching for a legal consultant, you must identify the divorce process you want to use. You can take the litigation route and approach a court of law to formalize your separation with your spouse. Couples who feel they can thrash out a settlement themselves can use the collaborative process wherein they are supported by their respective attorneys during the discussions. Mediation is another option where a professional mediator helps them reach a mutually agreeable settlement. A mediation process can be conducted with or without a lawyer. Once you have decided what is the best approach to be taken in your matter, you can move ahead accordingly.

2. Ask For Referrals

The best way to find an efficient adviser is to ask around. In case, someone in your circle of friends and relatives has gone through a separation, contact that person to know about the lawyer he/she had hired. It will be pertinent to inquire about the kind of process used by the person. This will help you whether the professional will be suitable for your purpose or not. You can also ask counsel you know but who work in a different practice area about expert advisers in the domain.

3. Create A Shortlist And Research The Attorneys

Once you have collected the names of a few lawyers from different sources, it is time to make a shortlist. Talking to your acquaintances would have provided you with some idea of the suitability of each recommended professional. Identify the ones which you feel will be best positioned for handling your matter. Include them in your shortlist and start researching them one by one. This process is essential for finding the best divorce attorney for your case. The best place to find about the shortlisted advisers is the internet. Most of them would have a website where you can learn about their educational and professional background. You can also use the web to know what clients say about the counsels. You can also use a search trick to assess their reputation. For instance, if you are looking for a consultant in and around Stuart or St. Lucie, you can use the search query “top divorce lawyer in Port Saint Lucie” and see whether any of the shortlisted candidates appear in the results or not.

4. Prepare A Set Of Interview Questions

You must now prepare to meet all the attorneys that you have finalized. Most legal advisers offer a free initial consultation to prospective clients. This provides you with a good opportunity to meet the consultants in person and assess them. Make a list of questions to ask all the potential advisers. The first question naturally should be about the experience of the professional in handling divorce matters. In case, your separation involves children or valuable asset separation, inquire whether the counsel has experience in child custody and asset division or not. This is the time when you must ask about the possible outcome of your case apart from the expected time duration for settling the issue. Do not forget to ask about the solicitor’s fee and the estimated expenses of settling the issue.

5. Compare The Fee Structure Of Different Attorneys

Cost is an important aspect of the entire separation process. In case alimony, child support, and asset division are involved, it can possibly impact your financial situation. The financial stress can be amplified by attorney fee and other legal expenses. In order to avoid losses, you must compare the fee structure of the finalized advisers. Some of them would be charging a flat amount for the entire case while others would be asking for payments at hourly rates. Assess which format will be the best for your situation and calculate the cost of hiring a professional.

6. Make The Final Selection

By now, you are aware of the expertise of each candidate and the estimated cost of hiring each one of them. Choose a professional who possesses significant experience in handling your kind of situations and fits in your budget. This will help in identifying the most suitable professional who can be hired without emptying your bank accounts.


Going through a separation can be a difficult and painful process. Choosing the best divorce attorney to represent your case will help in completing the process quickly and efficiently.

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