6 key features top massage apps

On-demand apps like Uber for massage have gained immense popularity. Business owners looking for a great business opportunity can choose on-demand massage apps. Do you know why? It would be better if you ask why not. On-demand apps are in great demand due to their quick service assistance to customers. An on-demand app solely connects multiple business platforms where users can easily access using only one app. It is a great option to invest as the input is less and output is insanely high. “Soothe”, an on-demand massage company has raised $31 million till now. Now, it’s your turn to grow your business using on-demand massage apps.

We are going to discuss the six must-have features that have to be included in on-demand massage apps. These are basics and important.

Top Six Features for Top Massage Apps

There are other competitors existing in the market, offering such services through on-demand apps. But, how can you gain an edge over other competitors? The must-have features in Uber for massage apps will surely help gain advantages over others. Check out the following prominent features.

Quality Booking Assistance

When you want to compete with top service providers, then, you must also know about the services offered by them. Users investing or opting for such services always look to find the best solutions. You have to offer specialized, certified and experienced massage therapists. People opting for massage services always desire the need for experts.

Your on-demand apps must have multiple options for experts’ availability. People looking for a specialized service can be met only through the help of professionals having knowledge of that field. Further, make a user-friendly interface so that users can easily understand the whole process and opt for the desired service they are looking for.

 Instant and Advanced Booking Option

Customers looking for a massage service always want flexible solutions. For example, if a tourist stays for a single day and wants the service to be provided on the same day; therefore, the requirement for instant booking, in such cases, has become mandatory. This option will not only multiply your business insanely but also help retain customers. Every customer wants a quick and exceptional service, and that’s foremost for any business growth.

Many customers strictly follow schedules and want to get real updates about the services and availability. An advanced booking option will help customers to book or schedule the services as per their needs or schedules.

Flexibility for Multiple Locations

Unlike the traditional system, at the present time, people desire to take massage services at home, office or any place. So, companies should offer such services to multiple locations, totally depending on customers’ needs. You will be amazed to know that this is the most demanding feature of any on-demand massage app.

Customers having busy schedules desire to opt for instant solutions. Therefore, on-demand massage apps should provide services so that customers can choose even in the day or the night, totally depending on the ease of their comfort.

Apart from such features, on-demand businesses must provide versatile services. Some customers demand an intensive therapy session while some demand for a light therapy session.

Multiple and Integrated Payment Gateways

This is the fourth and one of the most important features that have to be included in on-demand massage apps. The feature without any mess allows accessibility to pay directly from the on-demand app. You just need a bank account, credit or debit and such options that have to be integrated into the app.

Users taking such services use multiple payment options. Allowing multiple payment options will help users to pay as per their need or requirements. For example, they can choose from – cash on delivery, net banking, and other services – to opt for any service.

Push Notifications

The option is very important as it will help update customers about every minute essential. For example, where the therapists are, what the offers are and other such requisites.

Easy and Secured Accessibility

The on-demand app must be designed as per customers’ flexibility. From a customer standpoint, users are allowed to easily access through email id, name, password, social media platforms, and multiple channel streams.

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