6 essential design tools for marketers

Marketing has always had a strong connection with visuals. Marketers who could represent their brand messages in a visual medium efficiently were considered successful because it was more creative and thus, comprised the potential to grab the eyes immediately. Now, the evolution of the marketing mediums and the domination of the web world has further increased the significance of the visual elements in the marketing strategies. With the overwhelming competition where every other business can access the internet to market itself, good use of visual marketing is a highly recommendable marketing strategy that would work wonders.

However, marketers often find it difficult to design a marketing strategy that includes visuals because implementing it is a big deal that demands a lot of creativity. Marketers are creative beings who can come up with ideas, but real issues occur when they have to execute those ideas. Everyone good at coming up with good ideas to represent business concepts through visual mediums is not always good at executing them because executing visual marketing designs need artistic skills. However, the problem has been resolved with the advancement of the design tools that can be easily used by marketers.

This article is an attempt to present design tools that can help marketers attain their visual marketing goals without needing professional assistance. We are going to present 6 essential design tools that can make the life of a marketer easier while strengthening their visual marketing strategy. Read on to explore!

1. Canva

Canva is an inclusive art tool that is freely available for everyone who can access the internet. The tool can be used for having creative business cards, logo designs, flyers, posters, ads, social media graphics, video templates, and so much more. The site provides with inspiring design templates that can be accessed and edit without any problem. Not only that using the tool is easy, but it is also very effective for saving a lot of time. While its templates look almost original, the site also provides the features of saving the edited version virtually and accessing them whenever the user wants. These features make the whole process of working on marketing designs hassle-free for the marketers and add a lot of value to the marketing strategies as well.

2. Crello

With a tagline that goes like, free design templates for marketing materials, Crello is a very effective design tool that marketers can access simply by connecting to the wide world web. The site presents its users with a number of different design templates for blog post images, posters, ads, and other materials that marketers need to execute visual marketing strategies. The site is a huge platform with numerous free data in the form of images, vectors, templates, layouts, and tools. The site contains around 31 design formats, 10,000 templates, and above 12,000 free photos and vectors. Crello does not only offer free photos, but it also has a range of paid photos that cost around $0.99 on an average. The site can be a great option for those who do not want to spend hours editing pictures on Photoshop.

3. Pixlr

Pixlr’s main function is described in its tagline that goes as follows, “an easy way to edit your images.” The tool is designed to provide users a handy picture editing option when they cannot afford Adobe Photoshop. Pixlr provides a range of amazing editing features that can help transform a picture according to the need of the marketing tasks. There are all the usual features that you can use to put filter effects and add layers to your pictures. Moreover, the tool can be downloaded on any device and can also be used for loaded editing tasks.

4. Google Fonts

Visuals are, no doubt a very impactful element for marketing content. However, the need for words cannot be completely replaced with the visuals. And when it comes to adding words to visual marketing content, the font of the words has to suit the creative visuals. Google Fonts is a tool that offers a range of creative fonts for the visual content for marketing. There is a huge variety of fonts that are available on Google fonts free of cost. These fonts can be used for generating original logo designs with an impression of being designed by professional logo designers. They can also be used for a number of other designing purposes.

5. Tilda

Tilda is a web designing site that can help marketers design their own websites, blogs, and landing pages as well. The site function in a way that offers users with more than 450 design blocks that they can modify to formulate original layouts of their own. The whole process of designing web pages with Tilda takes no more than a few hours.

6. Prezi

This tool is exclusively designed to upgrade the marketers’ game of presentation. Presenting yourself to the clients is one of the crucial moments in the professional career of the business marketers, and they need to design their presentation in a positive manner to deliver their business message to the clients successfully. The site is based on a huge template library for presentation designing and accessing to them costs from $5 to $50 per month. Users can choose any of the packages that would fulfill their needs efficiently. Presentations that are designed with Prezi are more influential because they allow the presenter to collaborate images and words wonderfully.

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